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The Survivor – Shelley Shepard Gray

Survivor-shellyshepardgreyShelly Shepard Gray has written yet again another great Amish book.   The Survivor is the last book in her Families of Honor series. This book centers on Mattie Lapp and her story of surviving breast cancer. In the previous books Mattie’s character has a hard time with her diagnosis and loses a lot of her faith in God. As I suspect anyone might do. Shelley writes in a way that makes the reader forget that they reading a book centered on the Amish. Mattie is on a mission to find a husband.  She wants a chance at love no matter what. So much so she has been overlooking her feelings for her very best friend Graham Weaver. She pushes her feelings aside for fear that their friendship would be lost.   Meanwhile Graham is always loyal to her. Mattie and Graham never talk about starting a relationship just staying friends.  During a doctor’s appointment they get stuck on an elevator and have a moment where you think they might just have their first kiss but no the doors open of course! This is a moment though when they both realize that their friendship could be more. It just so happens that waiting for Graham to return home is a girl named Jenna whom he briefly courted in book two. Jenna declares that she is pregnant and Graham is the father.

They both know that this is a lie. This rumor spreads like wildfire.  Just when you think Mattie and Graham will be together this happens. Favorite characters from books one and two return. This book really packs a punch in the twist and turn department! If you fell in love with these characters in the books before you will be glad to know many happy things await each one.  This book and author do not disappoint!

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