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The Choice – Suzanne Woods Fisher

The Choice- Suzanne Woods FisherThe Choice by Suzanne Woods Fisher is so good. This book is a must read. I read this book a while ago but thought that I would talk some about it because I am very excited to read her new book A Lancaster County Christmas. The Choice starts off with Carrie Weaver wanting to elope with her boyfriend Solomon Riehl who wants to pursue his budding baseball career. Carrie is very torn and confused about leaving her family but she really loves Sol.  Without giving too much away something tragic happens and Carrie is faced with a choice.  Should she run away with the man that she loves or does she stay and care for her younger brother Andy? This book is laden with rich characters like the stepmother who is overly critical, and Carries loyal best friend Mattie. I love how Suzanne writes. This was my first book that I read by her and it did not disappoint. There are twists and turns that are sure to keep you wanting more.

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  1. Hi Michelle! Thanks for your e-mail to check out your blog…I did, and what a surprise to see your lovely review about "The Choice!" Thank you so much for reading my book and for letting me (and your blog readers) know, too. Glad we've connected. Warmly, Suzanne Woods Fisher

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