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The Mercy- Beverly Lewis

The Mercy-beverlylewisFinally it has arrived! I just finished reading the last installment of The Rose Trilogy by Beverly Lewis. The Mercy picks up right where it left off with Hen still caring for her injured husband Brian and Rose Ann still being the ever dutiful daughter caring for her “Mamm”. The first part of the book has the characters getting ready for Emma’s back surgery and wondering how they can help their favorite Bishop Aaron Petersheim though his silencing. If you have read the previous books you know that is very hard on the whole Kauffman family. The Bishop and his wife are close friends and neighbors. Hen and Brian’s relationship is showing signs of repair. You really start to root for them to make it work and stay together. But alas if you are a fan of book one and two the real story you want to know about is does Nick Franco finally come home and confess his part in his brother Christians death? Do Nick and Rosie find their way to each other? This book will not disappoint you. If you are a fan of Beverly Lewis or a fan of Amish books you are in for a real treat. Mrs. Lewis develops her characters so well you feel like each and every one deserves the very best and you hope that they do. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Rose Ann is such a great character. I love how no matter what she always believed in Nick. She knew her best friend through and through. This author knows her stuff. The Mercy draws you in and never lets go to till the last page. Great book!

…The Mercy- Beverly Lewis

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