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Farm Fresh Amish Produce

One thing you’ll notice when you visit Amish Country, Ohio is that farm fresh produce isn’t hard to find. I try to plan my weekly menu around whatever is in season. Throw together some fresh green beans, smoked sausage, taters, a little chicken broth, and let it cook all day in your crock pot. You […]


The Essential Amish Cookbook: Recipe and Giveaway

Special guest post by Melodie Davis Apple Crisp: Are desserts a daily occasion? When people think of Amish cooking it may be common to think first of the treats we see in Amish restaurants or tourist bakeries: pies, cakes, cookies, donuts, sweet rolls, breads, and a whole array of delicious desserts. Several years ago when […]


Amish Country Backroads

One of our favorite ways to unwind from the long work week is taking drives on the backroads of Amish Country. We just hop in the car and take the first right turn we see. That’s always my husband’s directions: take the first right. Simple. Besides an occasional huge pothole or road that’s so narrow […]

Amish Bent and Dent Store

Why We Love Amish Bent and Dent Stores

Have you ever been to an Amish Bent and Dent or Surplus store? If not, you need to put stopping by one on your to-do list when visiting Amish Country. We LOVE these awesome stores and you will too! Why? Because they sell slightly imperfect or outdated goods (sometimes nothing is wrong with the item […]

The Hidden Side by Heidi Chiavaroli Giveaway

The Hidden Side by Heidi Chiavaroli Giveaway!

Author Heidi Chiavaroli was a guest on our blog back in May (you can read her post HERE). She shared a little about her newest release, The Hidden Side. I have some fun news: Tyndale House Publishers is giving away a copy of the book to one of our readers! Here’s a bit about the book: New […]

Who the Bishop Knows

Who the Bishop Knows: Review by Susan Scott Ferrell

Who the Bishop Knows – Less Savant, but Definite Suspense I’ve been riveted by Vannetta Chapman’s Amish Bishop series – what an amazing storyline! And I certainly would love to meet Bishop Henry Lapp in real life. But would this last and final installment of the series be all that I hope it would be? […]

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