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Anything But Plain Review

Anything But Plain: Review by Susan Scott Ferrell

Anything But Plain – Back to Stoney Ridge? I’ll take it! Do you ever get your hands on a novel and know, before you’ve ever read a single page, that it’s going to be a fantastic read? That’s what happened to me when Suzanne Woods Fisher’s latest release, Anything But Plain, arrived. I knew it […]

Heartsong Hills

Guest Post and Giveaway by Wendy Rich Stetson

In the stifling heat of a Manhattan summer, a fresh-faced woman huddled in a garret, awaiting the opportunity that would change her life. Brushing aside unruly red curls, she peeked between fire escape bars, longing for more than a sliver of sky. She’d fled the tiny town of her youth, abandoning lush fields for towering […]

Beneath the Bending Skies Review

Beneath the Bending Skies: Review by Susan Scott Ferrell

Beneath the Bending Skies – Rich in Detail Do you want to be swept away to Big Sky country? Do you long for a change of pace – maybe a bit of adventure? While Jane Kirkpatrick is a new-to-me author, I can see why she has so many accolades! Kirkpatrick’s latest release, Beneath the Bending […]

The Orchard

The Orchard: Review by Susan Scott Ferrell

The Orchard – Needed More Blooms It’s been ages since I’ve read a new release from Beverly Lewis. If you are unaware, Lewis is the “founding grandmother” to most for the Amish fiction genre. Her early writings are what lead me to a love of reading! Unfortunately, I did not have the same zeal when […]

Amish Barbecued Meatloaf

My Amish Friend’s Barbecued Meatloaf Recipe by Amy Clipston

Whenever I go to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, I always look forward to visiting my favorite restaurants and stores; however, seeing my special Amish friend is always the highlight of my trip. Even more special, though, if my Amish friend is hosting a meal in her home, and I have a chance to enjoy her company, along […]

Amish Blessings Series

Guest Post and Giveaway by Kelly Irvin

The Warmth of Sunshine is the second book in my Amish Blessings series, set in Yoder and Haven, Kansas. Yoder is the central focal point of these three Amish districts, and has a post office, but most of the Amish folks have Haven addresses. My hometown of Abilene, Kansas, is about an hour and half […]

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