The Hardest Thing About Writing by Pat Davids

People often ask me what is the hardest thing about writing a book. The answer is…writing.

That’s it.

That’s all I’ve got.

Okay, I will elaborate to increase the word count a little on this post. The hardest thing about writing is actually typing words on a blank page. For me, dreaming up the story is the fun part. The “What if this happened?” and “Why would she do that?” and “What would he say then?”. That’s fun. That is where I find the joy in creating stories. That’s what I love about my job and my critique partners are awesome at helping me hone the plot. Talking it out with another person who understands the process is awesome. I’m a verbal plotter.

Verbal stories don’t have to be spelled correctly. There’s no punctuation needed. They can be long or short. They don’t have to come in somewhere between 55,000 and 60,000 words. I love discovering the seeds of a story. I don’t like planting, weeding, watering, fertilizing, picking, cooking, canning and putting a pretty label on it. In other words, I don’t like the work. That said, I know a tomato seed will never become a delicious bowl of tangy salsa unless all the aforementioned work gets done. It is at best, only the promise of a good thing. My verbal storytelling can’t be shared the way my written stories can be shared. Like any good gardener, or writer, I put in the work so that others may enjoy the bounty of my labor.

Once I have the seed of a story, I sit down at the computer and I plant that idea onto a blank page. Day after day, I nurture it, tend it, prune it, adjust it, reread it, revise it, I do the work and make my story grow into its own reward. It is very hard work. I spend long hours typing, my fingers hurt, my eyes burn, I get headaches, but the story takes on a life of its own and it has to be told. Finishing a book takes me anywhere from two to three months.

Where does all this fun happen? My office is a corner of my bedroom.

Pats office

I use a plotting board to make sure I’ve got all the points covered that make a good story.

Plotting Board

And when I’m done, I send the manuscript to my publisher who does the canning, making sure I’ve got all the ingredients right and then finds a pretty package to put it in and POW! A book for everyone to read and enjoy.

An Amish Harvest

An Amish Harvest is available now and The Amish Midwife will be in stores in October.

The Amish Midwife

Happy reading everyone. My work is done.

Pat Davids

10 thoughts on “The Hardest Thing About Writing by Pat Davids

  1. Today at 9:07 PM
    Pat Davids I love your book and reading one now.
    And have one in the wings to read. Right now can
    not do much reading as waiting for 2nd cataract
    to be done July 14th. Keep up the good work and
    God bless you and yours

    Hugs, PattiG in VA

  2. Patricia Davids….
    I love your books!! I just purchased “An Amish Harvest” today when I was at the grlcery store. I can’t wait to read this book!!
    Thank you for your wonderful writing!!

  3. Can hardly wait for the next one, as I just finished “Amish Harvest”. Your books never disappoint~ just frustrated when they end, as I do not have the next one! ALWAYS a delight and kept me guessing until the end!
    Interesting blog here, about your writing….and length of time it takes, and all of the steps! I once heard probably 35 years ago, that we sometimes never see what God has in store, for a friend/child …we may plant the seed of HIS LOVE, someone else waters it, someone else makes the sun to shine upon the seed, and cultivates it. We may be dead and gone, by the seed bears fruit!
    Sounds like your writing process….BLESSINGS to you, for your hard work!

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