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Summer Produce in Amish Country


Summer!! That’s usually how I approach this season. I use a lot of exclamation points. I love warm summer nights watching the lightning bugs fly around and I always spend way to long trying to catch them. Our days are long, leisurely, and filled with good food. (My favorite topic) Summer produce in Amish Country, is SPOT ON. Nothing beats homegrown fruits and vegetables. Nothing. Is there anything worse than a hard tomato grown who knows where? They give me shivers. I consider myself very lucky to be surrounded by produce stands because I hate to garden. My garden plot sits empty and I’ve heard that it was once a fantastic producer of everything I buy. Haha. I send out major props to those who have a green thumb.

Also during the summer, I often find myself at local greenhouses just to look at all the prettiness. So many flowers to choose from! Fresh flowers, fruit, and vegetables are a winning combination. Right? Do you have access to homegrown goodies or do you garden?  Here are some pics of what our area has to offer you if you decide to hop this way for some. Enjoy your summer, folks!

Look at this pile of watermelons! We usually go through tons of these bad boys. 

amish country watermelon

Homegrown strawberries are simply the best. Hands down. 

local strawberries

My favorite thing to eat: tomatoes. YUM!

garden tomatoes

  Zucchini bread? Or zoodles?

homegrown Zucchini

A bowl full of cantaloupe? I’ll take two.

amish country cantaloupe

The Amish really know how to grow their hanging baskets. Beautiful!

amish country flowers

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