Contest – Sisters of the Heart Trilogy w/ Walnut Creek Candle

Tomorrow my guest will be Shelley Shepard Gray. I am so excited! In honor of Shelley stopping by, I am giving away her very first Amish fiction books: Sisters of the Heart -The TrilogyHidden, Wanted, and Forgiven all in a single volume. Plus, I am adding one of my favorite candles- Amish Heartland Candles from Walnut Creek Candle Company.

Contest Rules

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Contest starts today 3/1/2012 and ends on Thursday 3/8/2012.

To make things fair, I will be using random.org to pick the winner.

Good Luck and Happy Reading!

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Sisters of the Heart -The Trilogy is also available in my store here.

64 thoughts on “Contest – Sisters of the Heart Trilogy w/ Walnut Creek Candle

  1. I love to read Amish Fiction, actually any type of Christian Fiction, learning all kinds of new Aurthors.

  2. I have read(and loved) all three stories. This book would be a wonderful addition to our church library…so it could be enjoyed by many!

  3. Being from Western KY, I can’t wait to read this. I love all of Shelly’s books. My favorite are the Amish ones. I just finished The Caregiver.

  4. I thought for sure that I had read some of Shelley’s books but when I looked at her website…I haven’t!!! Whether I win or not, I will be requesting her books from the library 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win this trilogy and lovely candle, though!

  5. to win a candle plus the book do you know what a joy that would be for me or anyone. your books are so very inlightening to me anyway. i have more then one twice because they are so good.
    thank you very much for the chance to win and i am sending everyone good wishes for them to also win.
    please keep the books coming.

  6. Thank you for a chance to win an awesome book. I have several of Shelley’s books. Love all of them. Have shared on Facebook.

  7. I was honored to have dinner with Shelley one night on her Lancaster County book tour. It was a lovely evening getting to know her a little and listening to her stories. I love her books!

  8. I love Shelly’s books. I think I love them so much because I can picture what is going on as I read them. I have read all of them that I can find in the library. I would LOVE to win her books.

  9. I adore all of Shelley’s Books! Living next door to Amish, I can really relate to her books. Winning one would be a blessing!

  10. I would love to win the trilogy and the blueberry candle.
    I am a big fan of Amish/Mennonite books, plus I love reading authors I havent read yet. 🙂
    I am currently reading her series, Seasons of Sugarcreek.
    My mom also likes to read Shelley’s book, too. 8)

  11. I really enjoy reading Amish fiction, I live a distance from any family members, so I like to read the Amish fiction with families living close to each other, helping each other, knowing each other better, having big gardens, so many things I can imagine.

  12. Would love to win the book. I started reading about the Amish when I got married 38 years ago and have never have stopped. They are such a precious people.

  13. I just finished reading Hidden, and am looking forward to reading the next 2. What a great giveaway, and author 🙂

  14. I would so love to win this book of Shelley’s. Sure enjoyed the interview. Wanted this series as soon as I saw the book cover. I just know it will be interesting. And, it would be great getting the Trilogy, so as to have all three stories. I wanted to read one of hers and this would be a great way to start. I usually have to go to the Library.
    Maxie ( mac262@me.com )

  15. I would love to win this book. I enjoy reading Shelleys books, they help me feel peaceful inside, and give me courage. Thank you for sharing with us .

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