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Annie’s Amish Inn Mysteries: Secrets of the Amish Diary


Secrets of the Amish Diary follows Liz Eckardt as she learns the inns and outs of running a bed and breakfast. She yearns for a quieter life and when she buys the Olde Mansion Inn, located in the heart of Amish Country, quiet is not on the agenda. From a group of loud and boisterous ladies, aptly named The Material Girls, who literally take up shop at the inn to an adorable bulldog named Beans, life in Pleasant Creek is anything but simple. Throw in Liz’s desires to undercover her mother’s secret life as a young Amish girl plus a murder mystery to solve (gasp!) and well, hang onto your buggy seat because you’re in for a ride.

This delightful work of Amish fiction boasts a cast of quirky and lovable characters who will invite you into their lives where picture perfect is not all what it’s cracked up to be, but where friendships are cherished. The warm and inviting setting will leave you wanting to book a room for an extra long stay at the bed and breakfast. It’s a wonderful start to the series and I can’t wait to see what’s next for Liz and the gang!

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The people of Pleasant Creek are delighted to welcome Liz Eckardt to their picturesque country town as she reopens the Olde Mansion Inn bed and breakfast. But a new start and a simpler life aren’t the only reasons Liz is setting down roots in the heart of Indiana’s Amish community. She is quietly embarking on a quest to find answers about her late mother’s secret life growing up Amish.

Becoming the town’s new innkeeper helps Liz ingrain herself among the townsfolk while searching for the truth about her Amish relatives. That is until she finds herself in the middle of the mysterious murder of one of the inn’s guests. Is there a connection between the death of her troublesome lodger and the truth about her long-lost family?

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