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An Amish Flower Farm: Interview with Mindy Steele

Interview with Mindy Steele
Thanks so much for visiting Destination Amish, Mindy! Tell us about your new book, An Amish Flower Farm.

It’s Hallmark and Amish fiction, in one book!!!

A coming of age, love story.

You have Belinda Graber, a young woman who grows beautiful things. Encouraged by her family to work closer to her hopes of owning her own flower farm, but she finds herself at a crossroads. I think we can all relate here. To sell her flowers, she must face others. People tend to stare, and whisper, and Belinda has had her fill of both growing up. Born with a birthmark visibly portrayed on her cheek she prefers keeping to herself. She has plenty to keep her occupied though, helping her family’s greenhouse business and growing the flowers that bring both beauty and joy to her life.

Adam Hostetler is a busy guy, but suddenly finds himself having to step up to support his family when his father is injured in an accident. Adam, the man who can do-it-all, abruptly finds himself needing a bit of help. With no one else, Adam has to turn to the flowery bee charmer next door.

Do you have a favorite scene or quote that you would like to share?

I’d love to share my favorite, but that would give away a memorable ending. I did however get quite a few laughs and emails from my publisher and editors about a scene when Adam is caught by his best friend walking down the street, carrying a bouquet of flowers. Can you imagine, an Amish man, who already thinks selling flowers is silly, carrying a sweet smelling bouquet and walking into an English flower shop? Yeah, his friend couldn’t either. I think this would be the equivalent of asking your partner to hold your purse for the first time.

What is the message you want readers to take away from reading An Amish Flower Farm?

The old adage, don’t judge a book by its cover, comes to mind. However, my goal was to write a story about helping others. You never know what one small act of kindness can do for another person. Belinda helped Adam when he was in need, but she received so much more in return.

Can you share a little with us about your other Amish fiction books?

My favorite topic. 🙂 I have four Amish Romance novels coming out this year, and all from four separate publishers. To Catch a Hummingbird is book one of the Miller’s Creek series, and released in May. The Butterfly Box and Cicada Season will, if all goes well, release in 2022. This series follows the life of three young women, and the community around them. Lydia, Penny, and Hannah each will take you through not only their personal journey, but of the people around too as tragedy hits Miller’s Creek.

It’s a series of steadfast faith and a stubborn will to love in spite of life’s trails. Add in a few meddling matchmakers and readers can enjoy the journey and watch a community endure, heal, and grow.

After my Hallmark release of An Amish Flower Farm, I have my first Harlequin, Love Inspired, debuting September 28th. His Amish Wife’s Hidden Past. Daniel and Hannah will both tug at your heartstrings, for their stories aren’t so different, even though they are strangers. Add three little girls and a few cantankerous goats, you get laughs, tears, and an up-close look at the true meaning of love and sacrifice.

October 26, after a two year wait, my book baby will hit shelves. Christmas Grace is the first book about the Walnut Ridge Amish and the first contract I ever signed. It’s a story about forgiveness, only sometimes it isn’t forgiveness from others we are seeking. It’s also a story of community, what I most admire about my Amish friends and neighbors.

What is one thing about you that readers would be surprised to learn?

That I make the best sweet tea you will ever drink, and I hate the stuff. I think sharing that might disqualify me as a Kentuckian. And somehow I managed to find the one man in this country who shares my beverage taste, so I married him!!!

These next questions are for fun!

How are you spending your summer?

Promoting four books, editing three more, and trying to write in between. My first book tour kicked off July 9 with my first radio interview. I have been blessed to be part of a few virtual chats, blog interviews, and even be a quest on a podcast. My first book signing event takes place here in my hometown and before I know it, I’m off to Shipshe, Indiana for a four-day Author/Reader event. This will be my life until November and even though it is crazy, overwhelming at times, I’m over the moon happy and blessed beyond measure to be sharing my books and meeting so many fascinating people along the way. I know it will all slow, so I am just drinking it all in.

Favorite Amish community to visit?

August 5th my husband and I will be traveling to Indiana. This will be my first time visiting an Amish community outside of where I actually live. September we plan to visit friends in Walnut Creek, Ohio. I’m not sure I’m the tourist type, but I can’t wait to visit both areas. I’ve been fortunate to not have to travel far for my inspiration, but traveling is definitely in the books.

Fry Pie or Whoopie Pie?

I love all food. Aside from writing, eating it is my favorite hobby. Fry Pie, hands down. My Aunt Pont used to make the best fried apple pies, ever. I tweaked her recipe a time or two and added blueberries. YUMM. In many Amish communities, these are called Fry Pies. I do like whoopie pies too!!!

Buggy or scooter?

My Amish neighbors have five children, and I have come to know them very well. The youngest, Matthew John, asked me to ride with him in his pony cart when he was about 5. I had witnessed firsthand how untrusting Penny the pony was and declined, quickly. He is now eight and is still waiting for me to take that ride I promised him. Be careful what you promise children, their minds never forget. So, I think buggy is my answer, because before snow hits this year, I have a promise to keep.

Kindle or paperback?

Paperback. Nothing compares to holding a book, especially when you use a computer all day.

Thank you for the interview! How can readers connect with you?

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An Amish Flower Farm coverShe grows flowers.
He raises bees for honey.
They help each other out,
because that’s what neighbors do…

Belinda Graber loves growing flowers for her family to sell at the Amish marketplace. Venturing beyond the farm to sell them in town, though, is out of the question. People would stare at the birthmark on her cheek, and she’s dealt with enough teasing in her life.

As a beekeeper, Adam Fisher knows how blessed he is to live next door to the Grabers’ greenhouses and fields. But when his father is injured, Adam has to take a job at the local mill. How will he manage the honey harvest?

Adam and Belinda make a deal: if she tends his hives, he’ll sell her flowers in town.

Belinda’s sure that her growing feelings for Adam could never be returned. Meanwhile, Adam can’t help but notice how his shy neighbor charms the bees…or is he the one being charmed? Because his last courtship ended badly, Adam tells himself this arrangement is strictly business, even if Belinda is sweet as honey.

This uplifting Amish romance includes a free Hallmark original recipe.

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3 thoughts on “An Amish Flower Farm: Interview with Mindy Steele

  1. You are a new author for me. Anxious to get started on!
    I Admire the simple hardworking lives they live, the closeness of their communities, I love horses so the fact that they own and drive them, is fascinating!
    I ♥️ riding in a buggy and the relaxing “Clip Clop, Clip Clop” ~
    We love and enjoy our Amish friends in PA.

  2. I enjoyed reading this post. I am looking forward to reading this book. Thanks for sharing with us.

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