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Amish Country Backroads


One of our favorite ways to unwind from the long work week is taking drives on the backroads of Amish Country. We just hop in the car and take the first right turn we see. That’s always my husband’s directions: take the first right. Simple. Besides an occasional huge pothole or road that’s so narrow you can barely pass, our adventures are just what we need. There’s nothing more relaxing than riding around for a few hours to really get your creative juices flowing. I usually come home feeling calm and ready to tackle the world. Spacious farms, lots of animals, and fresh country air are just what the doctor ordered. We like to stop at off-the-beaten path stores, which I LOVE. If you read my post about Amish Bent and Dent stores, then you know which ones I am talking about. My trips are usually when I like to buy my bulk produce for the week if I haven’t already stocked up. Garden fresh fruits and vegetables are top notch in these parts so you just can’t pass up the opportunity to stop, plus you’ll be saving big bucks. There is a sale this weekend on peaches (88 cents per pound!), so I am grabbing those puppies up and making a peach pie. I’ll post the recipe next week. Super easy to make!

Here’s a few pictures for you to enjoy a virtual trip through Amish Country. Enjoy the ride!

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One thought on “Amish Country Backroads

  1. Where are these stores so we can go to when we visit your area again?
    and what state? we have been to Ohio Amish country 2 X and Lancaster once
    THOROUGHLY enjoy both!!!
    Don’t know how I got on this site but I love it THANK YOU

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