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I’m sitting here in sunny South Carolina, watching the weather forecast which tells me that at home in our central Pennsylvania valley, still more snow and cold weather is predicted. Any guilt I feel at enjoying the sunshine while my friends back home are shivering is balanced by the reminder that I couldn’t do anything about all the snow if I were there! Still, there are some things I miss about a snowy winter. The world is never so quiet and peaceful as when it is blanketed in new-fallen snow, and sitting in front of a wood fire is even more enjoyable when the winter winds are howling outside the windows of our farmhouse.

One of the special pleasures of winter is snuggling down in a comfy chair with a good book, don’t you think? One of my librarian friends often comments on how many of the library’s Amish patrons come in during the winter, even when the snow makes it difficult to travel. Because they are so busy during the growing season, many Amish find special pleasure in reading during the cold weather, and it’s a time to catch up on things one doesn’t do when outside chores demand the attention.

While I’ve done my share of reading so far this winter, I’ve also been busy working on a new Amish romantic suspense novel, and I thought you might be interested in the special challenges that go along with putting Amish characters in particular into dangerous situations. For instance, an Amish woman isn’t likely to know karate, and even if she did, she wouldn’t strike another person. A belief in non-violence can be a stumbling block to the kinds of solutions a suspense author might normally come up with!

But I think that makes the writer stretch a bit to come up with a story which is credible but at the same time gives the reader the sense of danger and excitement she looks for in a romantic suspense novel. In the book I’m working on now though, I realized that there are some advantages to dealing with an Amish protagonist in a dangerous situation. For instance, my character won’t be able to reach for her cell phone to call the police when she senses someone following her, which makes her reactions even more crucial.

My new romantic suspense series, the Secrets books, start March 1st with WHERE SECRETS SLEEP, coming out from HQN Books. It will be followed by WHEN SECRETS STRIKE, the book I’ve been writing this winter, which will come out in the fall. I hope you’ll look for them and let me know how you like them. You can reach me at [email protected].

where secrets sleep

Marta Perry is the author of over fifty novels of inspirational romance and romantic suspense, with over six million copies of her books in print. She writes the Pleasant Valley and Keepers of the Romance Amish series for Berkley Books, Amish Romantic Suspense novels for HQN Books, and novels and novellas for Love Inspired and Love Inspired Suspense.

17 thoughts on “A Visit with Marta Perry

  1. Here in Ohio it’s very cold! Lots of snow today. Good day to stay home.
    Love your stories and have been following you for sometime now. Be watching for Where secrets Sleep.

  2. Perfect weather today for reading a great AMISH book. Coldest and biggest snow storm ever with dangerous icy roads in our WV. Snow lasting a good 24hrs and temperatures staying 8 degrees and falling in the nighttime. Marta, I can get so caught up in the lives of these people that reveal the good and the bad, happy and sad but always trust their faith to bring them through. I love a book that has at least 3 or 400 pages and usually a good love story that’s decent. Always look forward to well written story and appreciate your books. Anxious Emma!!!

  3. I am so thankful for people like you with such great imaginations. You keep writing and I will keep reading. May God continue to bless your writing abilities.

  4. would be ever so Blessed to win your book as our library has none of your books and am looking to read new Amish fiction!

  5. I absolutlely LOVE all of Marta Perry’s books! I just finished a love inspired susense one that I found at a Goodwill store! It was a great read~! When I was through with it, I took it to my dr’s office. All us ladies who are going through chemotherapy will usually leave books on a table for others to pick up and read! Can’t wait to read this new series!

  6. Marta, I loved your comment about snuggling down in the chair with a great book to read. In our hometown it has been snowing all day. I was unpacking boxes from our recent move and there were all my Amish books. Needless to say, packing was forgotten for I just had to curl up and read

  7. I live in Ga and our weather too is sunny and cool but pretty good. I love to read and have read your work before, will be looking for this new series. thanks for info about it.

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