A Visit with Joanne Bischof and Friends Plus Giveaway

“Of all the books you’ve written, what was different about the writing of this novella?”

When I was invited to guest blog here at Destination Amish, this is the question that I threw out to my fellow authors of The Heirloom Brides Collection. I thought it might be fun to share their answers, and give you all an inside glance at what went into this collection of four novellas—each inspired by a family heirloom. Their answers are below and I’ve not only added one of my own, but we have a very special question for you just below!

Tracey Bateman – Something Old

I didn’t really take a different path other than writing in a genre I haven’t done in a long time.
Traditionally, I take a page from my own current “story” as I begin writing a new book. It’s cathartic for me, and while the goal is to entertain, I always feel like if I’m facing a situation in my life, there’s a pretty good chance that someone else is facing it too. In “Something Old”, my character found herself alone, and for the first time must learn how to accept help and live as part of a community, while making her own way.

Recently I found myself in the same position–needing to be the primary bread winner in our family. As I navigate the changes, I’m learning to lean on my friends and family as never before.

Joanne Bischof – Something New

When I got I got news of this novella collection, up until that point, I had only published books set in Appalachia—a place that has my heart. While I dreamed of this novella also taking place there, I also wanted to open up the world of the characters a bit more by adding an adventure into the works. When Something New begins, the hero is just returning from four years at sea as a sailor on the ice trade. His adventures of faraway lands really brought a fresh layer of intrigue to the heroine who has never been behind the hills and hollows of Appalachia. I hope readers enjoy learning about his adventures as much as she did.

Kim Vogel Sawyer – Something Borrowed

I love including animals in my stories. I’m a pet-owner, I’m especially fond of cats, and it seems natural to incorporate pets–cats or dogs–into my characters’ worlds. But until I wrote Something Borrowed, I’d never considered having one of my characters adopt a wild animal as a pet. I queried my Facebook friends for their input on the kind of animal my new-to-country-life heroine could encounter and potentially choose to keep for companionship. They voted wholeheartedly for a coyote. Then I asked for name suggestions, and one of the ladies suggested Rowdy. Perfect! Rowdy the Coyote became an integral thread in the story’s fabric.

Mona Hodgson – Something Blue

I enjoy exploring the concept of home—finding a home, returning home. In
Something Blue, both the heroine and I return home to Cripple Creek. In
writing the novella, I went back to the setting for my debut novel, Two
Brides Too Many, and the other three stories in my Sinclair Sisters of
Cripple Creek Series. What fun to revisit the community of characters who
had become so near and dear to my heart. For Darla, a secondary character
in Two Brides Too Many, the return to Colorado holds both pain and promise.
Which will prevail? Can Darla triumph over her past mistakes? Perhaps we
can go home again.

Question to readers: What says “home” to you? In the comments, feel free to share a little about home and what makes it special to you.
One person who leaves a comment will be picked to win a paperback copy of Heirloom Brides!
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Giveaway starts today, Wednesday, September 23rd and ends Wednesday, September 30th.
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64 thoughts on “A Visit with Joanne Bischof and Friends Plus Giveaway

  1. For me, palm trees say home. As a teenager I spent a few weeks visiting a friend who had moved to Utah and got terribly homesick. When I returned to San Diego I suddenly noticed how palm trees are everywhere and I was so glad to be home 🙂

  2. Home is where all my kids and their wives and children gather -my house for family meals that I homecook for them several times a year for no reason except my love for them

  3. Home is anywhere my family is! It can be in Florida where I live with my husband or in Nebraska, Iowa, or Kansas when I go visit my family.

    I love these historical novella’s, thank you for the chance to win one.

    wfnren at aol dot com

  4. Home is where my family and I are together! It’s the memories that we as a family share and the time we spend together!

  5. Home is when we all got together while Mom and Dad were still here with us. Now it is when all my kids can come home and we are all together.

  6. Home is where my loved ones are…as long as I have my children and grandchildren close to me I could live in a tent and make it a home…because it is filled with love and everything I need

  7. Home to me, is being surrounded by my family & friends. Having plenty of books to read, and sharing a wonderful meal with those I love.

  8. Home to me is where I am surrounded by my grandchildren and my twin great granddaughters. You see things so differently through the eyes of children so each day is a new adventure.

  9. Home, to me, is my family gathering at my parents house – I moved, and grew up, there almost 70 years ago, my parents still live there. It is a farm that has been in the family for numerous generations, the land contains remnants from the Civil War and Indians.

    Enjoyed the post – thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of ‘The Heirloom Bride’ collection, can’t wait to read it!!

  10. reading each comment before this, reads like my sense of home. Home is being with family, either those related by blood or those related by love, where ever we can be together! I ‘ve traveled from coast to coast, and always ended up being at “home”!!

  11. Home to me is where ever my family is. I am blessed to have
    one daughter (youngest and mentally challenged) live with me
    and my middle dau across the street. So either house is
    home to me. thanks for the chance to win this. God bless

  12. HOME…..this word describes where I enjoy being most, with some good books to read! After traveling some, I have decided that HOME is where I prefer to be! Love it when our kids and grandkids are here with us!

  13. Well Home is a place that you can do anything you want to.. Eat whatever, and to have a place to invite Friends and Family.. Home is where I can bake Cookies and Scones and Homemade Pie and enjoy the Warm Smell from the Oven and every once in a while a yummy Cheesecake. You can sit around in your nightgown all day, go out to get the mail in your slippers and make a cup of tea and just sit and Read a Favorite book.. I like collections of Stories in one book and would enjoy reading this new book… Thank you ..

  14. My home has always been in the same Kentucky county, first with my parents and now with my husband. I am sure that I would be saddened to live elsewhere but my home is where my family is!

  15. Home to me is where my kids are and the furbabies greet you at the door with excited little yipps and barks, thats home

  16. Home says so much to me, it’s where you go to get away from the world for awhile. It’s also where the family comes and you want a lot of people around! Home can be a lot of things.

  17. Home is my comfort zone; it’s where I raised my children and now they all come home to eat, visit, have fun, and it’s where my memories are made. It is where I read, quilt, crochet and love to be. It is a place where Jesus is always welcome. I would love to win this book. It would be a wonderful gift.

  18. Hello Joanne. My earthly home would be in a small town on the OK and TX line where my folks spent many years, and where I lived from 12 till I married. That was always our vacation place. And where I tho’t of Home. They have been gone to their Heavenly home for many years now and our home sold. And, I miss going there. I have a series of Something Old, Something New, and Something Blue. But always wondered why she don’t write one for Something Borrowed. I would sure love to win your book. I shared this giveaway on my FB.

  19. Home to me is somewhere safe, somewhere you feel loved, somewhere there is joy abounding in your life, somewhere to build memories with your loved ones. When we go on vacation, while it is an enjoyable time away, there is still no place like home.

    May we always thank God for our homes, no matter where they are. What we have is a gift from God!

    Judy B

  20. Home is with my Husband , wherever the Lord may take us. We have traveled to TN and back many times and the Lord is always with us. There are other things that really make me feel at home to. Hot Drinks such as Creamy Caramel Cappaccino, Spiced Tea ect. Hot Foods like Venison Stew and Chili ! Home baked goods too ! And of course Excellent Books to read !
    Linda Marie Finn
    Faithful Acres Body Soul Spirit
    Faithful Acres Books
    Faithful Acres Homestead

  21. My home is currently in West Grove, PA living with my brother and sister-in-law while I look for a permanent job. I’m blessed to have them allow me to stay with them.

  22. Home is really not only a geographical place, but it is also a state of mind. I was born and lived in Oklahoma until I was 44. After that, I lived in Florida and California and Florida again, until moving back to Oklahoma last year. I felt at home in both of the other states for awhile, but really wanted to come back home to Oklahoma, where I understood the people and knew the scenery and the customs. I only wish I had come home sooner.

  23. I am so glad I just now found this; thank you Kim, for posting it on FB feed! Home to me ~ where God has definitely placed us on our hilltop and the adventure it has been. Our youngest daughter said we moved from the home of her childhood, one day with dreams of returning to be married; and our middle daughter said now I had a grandchild instead of just a grand-cat and, “You’re moving away?” But the Lord had special plans placing us within a long day’s drive in three directions to visit our adult children while we are retired and they are not. Finding that indeed “home” is with those we love and not a building.
    Shared post link on my facebook news page, twitter ~ https://twitter.com/LaneHillHouse/status/649013092517478401, and pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/pin/215609900887942788/

  24. Home is where my family is and that’s in Illinois. Even though I have lived on the east coast for over 30 years with my husband and daughters, I still consider my home to be in Illinois where my parents and siblings live.

  25. Home to me means spending time with family! Home is where your heart is and to me that is where family is. Thank you for sharing and a chance to win. ~ Blessings

  26. I so loved your book. I want to say Thank You for the book. It came at the perfect time as I had a very severe fall and broke my leg and ankle, causing me a long hospital and recovery time. I am still healing, in fact. The book came as a very pleasant and needed surprise when I was in the hospital last Oct. 2015. Thank you so very much. I have read the book and enjoyed it tremendously. Again, I say thank You and maybe I will win another one in the future. It certainly was a much needed gift. God bless you in every way possible…..With warmest Regards, Madelyn Shields

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