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The Bookseller’s Promise: Interview with Beth Wiseman

Interview with Beth Wiseman

The Booksellers PromiseIn the first novel of Beth Wiseman’s new Amish Bookstore series, a rare, old book may hold answers to a present-day romance.

Yvonne Wilson arrives in Montgomery, Indiana, determined to purchase a rare book on behalf of a client willing to pay her an absurd amount of money for her efforts. Engaged to be married in a few months, Yvonne is thrown off guard when she finds herself attracted to the handsome bookstore owner, Jake Lantz—and now she’s asking herself unexpected questions about her future.

Jake Lantz made a promise to his grandfather to never sell the book Yvonne wants to buy, and it’s a promise he plans to keep. Jake begins to read the book with Eva, one of his employees, and Eva sees this time together as a way to get Jake to see her in a new light. Eva’s loved him for years but senses Yvonne’s attraction to Jake right away—and she wonders how Jake feels about Yvonne, an attractive English woman determined to stay in Montgomery until she convinces Jake to sell the rare book.

As Yvonne’s, Jake’s, and Eva’s individual paths merge into something more than they could have imagined, each must face decisions they never anticipated. Will Jake ultimately break his promise to his grandfather? Will Yvonne leave the quaint life she’s been living in Amish Country to go back to her fiancé? And will Eva be able to get Jake to see her as more than a friend? The answers just might be buried within the pages of a rare book.

Thanks so much for visiting Destination Amish, Beth! Tell us about your new book, The Bookseller’s Promise.

Thank you for having me! I had so much fun writing The Bookseller’s Promise.

My books always have a romance element, but they read more like women’s fiction. I like to have multiple subplots going on in a way that hopefully attracts a variety of readers. For example, Eva and Jake are both harboring romantic feelings for each other, but Jake doesn’t recognize his at first. His employee has grown into a beautiful young woman of marrying age and if he doesn’t act soon, he could lose her to someone else.

In addition to this budding romance, I’ve thrown a rare book into the storyline, a biography so important that book-broker, Yvonne, offers the store owner, Jake, a huge amount of money for the book. Jake refuses to sell because of a promise he made to his grandfather. As Eva, Jake, and Yvonne’s lives start to intertwine in a way they couldn’t possibly foresee, they all share the burning question . . . What makes a book so valuable that it can change a life? And whose life will it change?

What is the message you want readers to take away from reading The Bookseller’s Promise?

There are several takeaways from this novel that I would love for readers to experience. The first one is a bit cliché, but important nonetheless . . . money can’t buy happiness. There are several others to keep in mind as well: promises are meant to be kept, but are there exceptions when the broken promise can change the course of a life for the better? Can a book really alter the path you’ve chosen for yourself and lead you in the direction God intended for you all along?

Do you have a favorite scene or quote that you would like to share?

Here is a segment from the fictional rare book that everyone has an interest in, for different reasons:

There is no heaven, a place where the soul rises and finds peace within the loving arms of an all-knowing God. It is a myth, a waste of a man’s time to entertain such frivolous thoughts. We are born from the womb of our mothers following the planting of a life by the mate of our choice, and this seed of life grows into a human form. As our bodies weaken and deteriorate over time, we ultimately lose the ability to sustain life. We are buried or burned, in accordance with our beliefs and wishes, and we are ultimately given to the earth as a form of rejuvenation for future generations.

The existence of hell, a place where demons roam and destruct in a pit of fire and misery run by a fallen angel commonly referred to as Satan is also a falsehood put in the minds of those gullible enough to believe in such foolishness.

Such are the ways that I believed. Until I no longer did.

What is your favorite thing about writing Amish fiction?

I am constantly learning new things about the Amish and their way of life. My research plays a big role in that process. My latest stories are based in southern Indiana where there are small Amish communities I visit. I also have family living there, including my grandson. Writing about the Amish blesses me with an opportunity to mix business and pleasure on a regular basis. 

These next questions are for fun!

Favorite Amish community to visit?

Right now, I’m writing about the Amish in Montgomery, Indiana. I’ve also penned books about a very conservative Old Order Amish group living in Orleans, Indiana. There are several Amish communities, small and non-touristy, in Southern Indiana. And, as I mentioned before, I have family in that area, making that my favorite Amish destination.

Fry Pie or Whoopie Pie?

Hands down, fried pies.

Buggy or Scooter?

I just had my sixtieth birthday. A buggy for sure, lol.

Barn Raising or Quilting Bee?

I don’t know a thing about quilting even though I own a beautiful quilt lovingly hand-crafted by Amish women. I’d love to attend a barn raising! I think it would be fascinating to be a part of the process.

How can readers connect with you?

I love connecting with readers, and I do so on several social media outlets: – here you can find a list of all my books, learn a little more about me, and you receive a free novella when you sign up for my once-a-month newsletter. There is a giveaway each month and sneak peeks related to my books, like cover reveals and what I’m working on. — there are about 25,000 of us at Fans of Beth Wiseman. Come hang out with us! — You can also find me on Instagram. — You can visit me on Twitter. — I review and recommend books on Bookbub.

Beth Wiseman author photoBestselling and award-winning author Beth Wiseman has sold over two million books. She is the recipient of the coveted Holt Medallion, a two-time Carol Award winner, and has won the Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award three times. Her books have been on various bestseller lists, including CBD, CBA, ECPA, and Publishers Weekly. Beth and her husband are empty nesters enjoying country life in south central Texas.

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