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The Amish Witness: Review by Susan Scott Ferrell


The Amish Witness – It’ll Be Over Before You Know It!

Diane Burke is a new-to-me author. I did a general search of “Amish” and The Amish Witness came up. With so many authors writing in the Amish fiction genre, would this work be able to hold its own compared to some of the other authors’ works? Indeed, Burke accomplishes it quite well!

The Amish Witness follows Elizabeth Lapp, who jumped the fence years ago. When she witnesses the murder of her dear friend, Hannah, she heads back to her Amish community for refuge…but she hasn’t run far enough.

Thomas King is a widowed Amish farmer with two small children. He is shocked to find a woman being attacked in a neighbor’s barn….only to see that the woman is none other than Elizabeth Lapp, the girl that left him for the Englisch world so many years ago. Seeing as there is a killer on the loose, Thomas pledges to protect Elizabeth – even if he can’t forgive her.

What happened at the murder scene? Why did someone decide that Hannah should be killed? Why did Elizabeth really leave her Amish community behind? Can Thomas ever truly forgive Elizabeth? Read and find out!

I was given The Amish Witness in exchange for my honest review. I was not disappointed. Burke does an exceptional job of capturing the reader with the first few pages. You then have no choice: You must read it until the end! Part of the storyline had me thinking – is this realistic? And yet, when a murder occurs is there really ever any sanity to it? Definitely pick this one up. You’ll fly through the pages in no time!

Susan Ferrell and her husband make their home in the Atlanta Metro area. Although Susan struggles with chronic migraine headaches, she stays very busy as a stay-at-home mom to one very precocious little girl. While catching her breath, she feeds her Amishaholic tendencies by reading vast amounts of Amish literature!

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