I Have No Green Thumb!

I always try to shop local whenever possible. It’s much more satisfying buying something that your neighbors grew and not something that was mass produced halfway across the world. I used to love going to the “city” but now you have to literally drag me to the car. My only reason to go is knowing that a stop at a bookstore and a “fancy” coffee will be my reward. Big Yay!

I didn’t put in a garden this year (shame on me) but that’s no problem because just about anywhere you go in my neck of the woods you will see signs selling every fruit or vegetable a girl could want. Makes me wonder why I ever gardened in the first place (chuckle) when I can have it all without doing any of the dreaded weeding! Plus, I am going to admit that…ummmm….my garden usually looks so sad being among Amish gardens here. Yeah, really, really sad. I have no green thumb at all.

Do you shop locally? If so, do you find that prices are cheaper? You can’t beat four green peppers for a dollar when a chain store sells them for almost a dollar each! I am all about a good deal…how about you?

2 thoughts on “I Have No Green Thumb!

  1. I absolutely love to stop off at road side fruit and vegetable stands. The cantulopes and green beans have been exceptional this year. Nothing so good as fresh fruits and vegetables. I planted a garden once and had the best of luck with it. Really enjoyed it, but over the years I’ve been very busy and never planted a garden again. Easier to buy vegetables others have planted and cared for.
    I wanted you to know that I use a kindle fire and have tried unsuccessfully to post a comment with it on your blog page. To enter a comment I must hit enter. there isn’t an enter 0n a kindle fire and I have tried other things to click on but with no success. Borrowed my husbands lap top. wished I could use my Kindle Fire to make comments on your blog page.

  2. OMG! I just figured it out. Pay no attention to me. I’m kind of new at this thingy on the computers. Love it but don’t understand it. Currently am trying to sign up for your news letter. Being rejected but will figure this obstacle out also. (LOL)

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