Amish by the Numbers By Olivia Newport

How about a fun quiz about the Amish? No peeking at the answers! And no Googling!

Amish by the Numbers

1. How many US states have a significant Amish population?
A. 9
B. 17
C. 30
D. 42

2. How many Amish settlements (geographic communities) are in the US?
A. 251
B. 502
C. 617
D. 713

3. How many Amish districts (congregations) are there in the US?
A. 1,107
B. 1,346
C. 1,987
D. 2,193

4. What is the total US Amish population?
A. 175,000
B. 300,000
C. 510,000
D. 625,000

5. What is the average number of people in a district in the US?
A. 137
B. 178
C. 201
D. 312

6. What percentage of US settlements have only one district?
A. 39%
B. 52%
C. 61%
D. 76%

7. Typically, how many families are in a congregation in a US district?
A. 15–25
B. 20–40
C. 35–60
D. 70–80

8. What is the combined percentage of US Amish who live in the three states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana?
A. 37%
B. 49%
C. 63%
D. 89%

How do you think you did? (Answers are below.) For more information on Amish by the numbers, check out:

“Amish Population by State/Province, 2015.” Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies, Elizabethtown College. (CLICK HERE)

“Amish Population Profile 2015.” Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies, Elizabethtown College. (CLICK HERE)

Answers: 1-C; 2-B; 3-D; 4-B; 5-A; 6-B; 7-B; 8-C

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