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A Whopper Of A Giveaway

I have some awesome news…….HarperCollins Publishers is hosting a whopper of a giveaway. There are five sets of Shelley Shepard Gray’s new book A Christmas for Katie along with Christmas in Sugarcreek up for grabs! Five lucky people will win both books….how wonderful is that?  They are perfect books to curl up with a nice big cup of coffee and wait for Old Saint Nick to arrive. I thought it would be fun to share some Christmas memories with each other… enter leave a comment and tell me a favorite Christmas memory or family tradition. Our family tradition every year is make a ton of cookies. I am a cookie monster so this brings me much joy! Good Luck Everyone:)


Contest Rules:

Leave a comment telling me a favorite Christmas memory or tradition on this post below to be entered.

Contest starts today November 20th and ends on November 27th. Winners will be announced on Wednesday the 28th. 

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My Review of A Christmas for Katie: A Christmas Families of Honor Novella

As I have said many times over I am a sucker for a good Christmas story. I adored A Christmas for Katie by Shelley Shepard Gray. Put me right in the mood for caroling and (gulp) snow! If you have read the Families of Honor series, then you know the precocious Katie Weaver. Katie is on a mission to fix the falling down nativity scene that stands outside the local library before Christmas arrives. She is faced with a few obstacles but if determination is the prize then Katie takes top billing! We get to visit with other members of the Weaver family and see what they have been up to. I always enjoy catching up with characters that I cared so much for from previous books. Shelley’s books, this title included, are always filled with likeable characters and storylines that are so engrossing you forget just for a minute that your life is filled with obligations and we should stop reading because dinner needs to be cooked! Every time I turn the last page of one Shelley’s books I am left happy and eager to dive into her next story…..that’s the mark of a great author…..they keep you coming back again and again!


This book was provided to me from HarperCollins Publishers via Edelweiss for review purposes.

288 thoughts on “A Whopper Of A Giveaway

  1. I guess a favorite Christmas tradition was going to midnight church on Christmas Eve with my mom!

    Hope I win this contest!!!!!

    Thank you!

  2. Every year my family gets together on Christmas Eve. We have dinner together, open gifts, and Santa arrives. This same Santa has been visiting every Christmas Eve for the last 25 years. He has become part of our family. He has been through us with births and deaths and new marriages. It’s a tradition the whole family enjoys, not just the children. Later we all head home and wait for Santas gifts under the tree that night. Then our individual families enjoy our time together opening Santas gifts. Later that afternoon we all go to grandmas house, with hot dishes in hand, where we all enjoy dinner together, and celebrate the Birth of Jesus.

  3. My favorite Christmas tradition was going to church on Christmas Eve. Having a meal, sevice and Santa would and gift exchange. Then when we got home, we got to open one present and it was always a new pair of pj’s. We would leave cookies and a coke out for Santa and he wrote us a thank you note. I would love to win this contest.

  4. A favorite Christmas memory is when we all piled into the car and went riding around looking at all the decorated houses and seeing all the lit up Christmas trees in the windows of the houses. Every year we would drive 45 minutes to go see a house and property all lit up with everything imaginable. There was even a guest book to sign and candy canes for the kids. It was an awesome sight!

    Thank you for this giveaway. I would be thrilled to win copies of A Christmas For Katie and Christmas in Sugarcreek.


  5. My favorite memories of Christmas is when I still lived at home and on Christmas eve my mom would make punch out of sherbret and white soda..Then she would set out all of her cookies and candies she had made and family and neighbors would come over for an evening of food and fellowship. My parents are no longer here so this memory is more precious every year. Thank you for this chance and Happy Thanksgiving

  6. One tradition we have is we always open our presents on Christmas Eve and we don’t eat supper we just have meat, cheeses and crackers and snack all night long. Thank you for the chance to win.

    griperang at embarqmail dot com

  7. When I was 6 years old, I brought our cedar tree home, by pulling it through the snow, behind my little pony I was riding. My daddy cut it down for me, and tied a rope on it. That was the most precious tree and the most remembered Christmas of my life.


  9. When I was 14, I got a horse, the best gift ever. Due to finances, I rode him bareback, but one day I found a saddle for sale that had a broken tree. I told my Mom about it, and never thought of it again. I found out on Christmas morning that she had gone to the saddle shop, bought the damaged saddle, driven it to her brother-in-law’s house 100 miles away and he repaired it, then brought it to our house for Christmas. I have to say I was completely speechless!! Major, that saddle and I had many happy years together, and I still have it stored in my shed!!

    I would dearly love to win these books!

    aregeetee5162 at yahoo dot com

  10. My favorite memory of Christmas was when I figured out that Santa was my uncle. My uncle would dress up as Santa and visit the kids that he knew on Christmas Eve. One year he came to my house on Christmas Eve and I knew something was not right. He wore glasses that looked like my uncle’s and he smelled like pipe tobacco like my uncle. I just kept staring at his face while he and I talked. Finally he was leaving and said goodbye. On his way out, I yelled “Goodbye Uncle Harold.” That was the last year he came to my house dressed as Santa.

  11. My favorite time was when our parents were still living and the whole family would all get together on Christmas day enjoying each others company and munching on the home made candies and cookies that Mom so love-ling made for us to enjoy. It was such an awesome time. I sure do miss both my parents and my brother.

  12. My favorite memory as a child is being with the family and the eagerness of santa arriving in the morning. Also my husband proposing on Christmas Eve and sharing with his family. 15 years and 2 kids later..we are still so happy to gether. I know God joined these 2 hearts and then the hearts of our children.

  13. I would really really like to win these books- I am a BIG fan of Shelley Shephard Gray- love all the books I have read by her so far!!!!

  14. On Christmas eve my husband and I and the 3 girls would sit on the floor in a circle and read th Christmas story from Luke. Then we would sing a few carols and I usually ended it by singing “O Holy Night.” After prayer the girls got to open one present which always was nightclothes 😀 so they would look good in the home movies we took the next morning as they came to the living room! 😀 We can watch those movies now and it really does take us back. Precious memories. Blessings! Darlene

  15. Mom and Dad always let us choose one present to open on Christmas eve- then the rest had to wait till Christmas morning!!! It was always so hard to choose just one present- when you really wanted to open everything!!!

  16. My favorite Christmas tradition is making sugar cookies and putting up the Christmas tree with my family.
    My favorite memory is being a child and waking up to find my grandparents there in the morning. They didn’t live far away, I could depend on them being there on Christmas morning.

    God Bless,
    Cheryl Baranski

  17. Christmas Eve our family had dinner.ALL the relatives stopped at some point to eat.but santa was always there.THE amazing feast my parents would have.this stopped stopped the year my grandfather died.

  18. Going to church on Christmas Eve with our whole family, coming home, Dad sitting with the Bible on his lap, reading the Christmas story, then we unwrapped our gifts. My mom always had special snacks waiting for us for after the gift unwrapping, things we didn’t get all year, special homemade taffy, candies, cookies and treats.

  19. This is a whopper of a giveaway!!! Thanks for offering it! One of our favorite traditions for Christmas is one that we started a few years ago. We cut back on buying so much for our children, and use that money to buy hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, socks, sweatshirts, etc. for the homeless in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are so blessed, but there are so many who are not, and we have been blessed abundantly by sharing with those in our own backyards each year.

  20. Family tradition was go to Church Christmas Eve, then go home, as when I was a child and I carry on with the same tradition..let them open 1 present..Had a cheese plate and crackers to snack on..

  21. We have always bought new pjs for our children to open up on Christmas Eve so they had new jammies to wear Christmas morning. Our grown children have now carried that on and are giviing new pjs to their children on Christmas Eve.

  22. We always open gifts on Christmas Eve after I read the Christmas Story from the Bible. Then on Christmas morning Santa has left 1 present to open and a stocking full of goodies for the children. and me and hubby always puts 1 gift in the others stocking to open on Christmas then we have dinner on Christmas day and I play Christmas carols all day long . Of course I always want a white Christmas.

  23. My favorite Christmas memory is on Christmas Eve, we would take a ride to look at Christmas lights. Christmas Eve always seemed like the longest night of the year as a kid. Seeing the Christmas lights would make it go faster.

  24. Favorite memory for Christmas was having my Mom’s yeast rolls every year .That was the highlight of Christmas growing up and until she went to Heaven in March of 2000 .Love to win please.Thank you ,Dana

  25. Favorite memory of Christmas was shopping for the perfect live tree, coming home & decorating it after warming up with hot chocolate. We would listen to Christmas carols while we did the tree trimming. Fun!

  26. My favorite Christmas memory is that I grew up on a farm and my dad and I going to the woods and picking out a pine tree and sawing it down and taking it back to the house. Sometimes it would look great and other times we would have to cut limbs off and tie onto other spots but in the end it was decorated and looked nice.

  27. Christmas Eve was always spent with a candlelight service at our church, which was at the edge of our farm. I loved that little country church, and at the end of the service everyone hugged, and wished each other a wonderful Christmas. Then we would go home, and have slices of pie and visit a bit before our visitors headed to their homes. On Christmas Day, everyone was back for dinner, talk and laughter. Those are precious memories.

  28. I have a Fontanni Nativity, and when my first grandchild was little at midnight some one would lift her up and she would put Baby Jesus in the manger. She’s now 24 yrs. old, we have video and it’s nice to look back. Also my Mom who’s not with us any more would tell us all about her christmas’s as a little girl on the farm. Thanks for the great give-away!

  29. When I was younger and we were all at home we had to line up on the stairs to wait for the signal to open presents. It was always the youngest that got to go first and the oldest,which was me,got to go last.

  30. This is a happy an sad christmas but one i love to remember, when I was eight 72 now but my grandpa played santa for my cousins an I all of us kidssat down and waited for our names to be called. I was really happy that santa came to see us, I really believed in him but when I was called I went up an thanked him for my gift of a baby doll, an when he said, he hoped I was happy for some reason I remember really looking at him an I started crying because i just knew it was my grandpa an that is when they told me that there was no real santa any more an that grandpa was taking hid place i gave doll back an cried the rest of the night. I had been told before but I would not listen when they tried to tell me, but my love for grandpa won out the next day I let him give me the doll back.
    I would love to win those books thank you for the chance. Karen at

  31. Growing up, my family used to go to the candlelight Christmas Eve service at our church, then go for a drive on the way home to see all the Christmas lights. When we got home, my dad would make a fire in the fireplace. We listened to Christmas music, drank egg nog, ate fruitcake, and each opened our smallest gift. Then it was off to bed!

  32. I remember the time my Daddy stepped on a toy truck with one foot and rode that truck clean across the room!!!! He didn’t fall!!! The truck was under all the Christmas wrappings and he couldn’t see it!!! We all laughed and still talk about that Christmas Eve!!!! Special Memories are Wonderful!!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  33. My favorite tradition is one my daughter, Kaitie started when she was 4. Every year she received at least 1 nutcraker. She was always thrilled and showed it to everybody. Kaitie died in a car accident in October 2009. For Christmas 2009, every family member (I come from a family of 10 children) received a nut cracker suited to their personalities. There was a fireman, a baseball player, a scottsman, a music box….. It was the best Christmas. Kaitie still receives a small nutcracker each year.

    Thanks for letting me share. Now I need to go unpack them and get started with my Christmas decorating.

  34. Memorable gifts I was given, speaking to a deep place inside, was when I was a young girl living in the country with no stores ~*~ besides the Montgomery Ward Christmas catalog ~*~ I woke my stepsister up on a crisp early Christmas morning to show her my beautiful first doll with golden hair and a short-sleeved turquoise sweater with beautiful pearlized tiny buttons up the front. They had driven late into the night to get to our farm and… she was the Santa who had brought them to me. Love, love, love that memory! Kathleen
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  35. Every Christmas Eve we go out with my daughter and her family for an early dinner — then to church — after services, my hubby and I turn on just the tree lights and watch a DVD of John Berry’s Christmas show.

  36. One of my favorite Christmas is about my son Johnathan when he was about 3 years. He woke up early in the morning he was quiet as a mouse. When my husband and the other 2 children woke up and learned that our son Johnathan had opend every present under the tree. He thought Santa only brought him presents. Now he is 21 years old and grown into a wonderful young man. Christmas it still his favortie time of year, but now he enjoys giving.

    Thank you

  37. My fave Christmas was when parents were still with me and we went to Midnite Mass then home for Hot Chocolate and opening one gift which was always a pretty gown for me and pj’s for my brother. They are all gone now. The only other one was hubby coming home from over seas on Christmas Eve and was total surprise to me. God bless all Patti in VA would so love to win this offering

  38. Buying my mother a box of Licorice Allsorts for Christmas. I have been doing this since I was 4! It is the only time in the year my mom gets them and she LOVES them! It is a treat for her!

  39. I can tell you of my most treasured Christmas. I had a baby girl on Christmas day in 1958. I finally had gotten a real live wetting and crying baby doll for Christmas! 🙂 Later years our family tradition was to have Christmas dinner and visiting at a different siblings home each year. I so enjoyed that. Now, we do that with my immediate family. Each household brings their favorite Christmas dish of food. This lessons the work of the hostess. I so love get-togethers with my children, grandkids, and lots of greats! But, we all have to remember what this day really means. Hoping to win these books! Maxie ( )

  40. A very special memory is when my kids were little and every year, we brought out the Nativity Scene and they helped to set it up, then on Christmas Eve, we placed the Baby Jesus in the little manger.
    I would like to win this wonderful giveaway..Katie Weaver was so cute of a character,and she was a pretty smart kid, also.I look forward to reading this book, if I win the giveaway or not.

  41. Growing up, we had enough…Enough money for food, clothing
    and a small house. My brother and sister were much older than
    me and I often felt like an only child. Our dad sometimes worked
    as many as 3 jobs to support our family. One Christmas all I wanted
    was a Chatty Cathy Doll. My siblings warned me not to expect to much
    that year, but I really wanted that doll. Christmas came and I awoke
    around 3:00 am and ran to look under our Christmas Tree! There was
    Chatty Cathy and I still remember seeing her that early morning.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  42. My favourite Christmas memory is this. We were stranded at my parent’s home Christmas eve. It was storming really bad. My new baby was 4 months old. I woke up Christmas morning and panicked when I glanced into the cradle and he wasn’t there! It was very early morning as I got out of bed. As I opened the bedroom door I heard a strange noise. I looked out to see my Mother on the floor holding my son as he watched with huge eyes, a little train go round and round on the train set Santa had brought for his big brother.

  43. When my Mom and Dad were alive, the whole family would pile into my parents small house. Dad would always have several kinds of cake made and Mom would have all of our other favorites. We did not have a lot of material goods,but we were all together and lots of love to be shared. Miss those days of having my little ones and the excitement of going to Grandma’s house.

  44. I was brought up Jewish and when my children and I became Christians, the first Christmas we all got new crosses to wear. I got a call from my aunt that they were coming to visit. They didn’t know that we converted. So, my kids and I ran around the house, took everything off the christmas tree, took the tree and threw it into the vacant lot next door and cleaned up everything. We were all wearing our crosses and the kids didn’t want to take them off, so I told them to hide them under their shirts and could have sworn I had done that myself. Well, my aunt and uncle show up and we are sitting talking, when my aunt comes over to me and asks, What is this? I look down and there is my cross hanging out. So, I told her what it was and why I was wearing it. She and my uncle accepted it and accepted us as Christians as well.

    I would love to win these books. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share.

  45. I had to tell my children when they were young, how they got so many presents under the tree and their friends got less. I told them their Santa gift was on there bed. Presents under the tree was from mommy and daddy and stockings were from Santa. One time being very tired Santa messed up and gave a phone to mydaughter and a doll to my son. They carried that tradition on.

  46. My tradition is that my husband puts up the tree and then all the grandkids put on the ornaments and they stay there we don’t have the most organized tree but the grandkids love it!

  47. I have a lot of wonderful Christmas memories….but remember when I was small Dad always cut the tree and us kids decorated it with popcorn strings….and paper colored rings…oh we had so much fun……and I love reading Shelley Shepard Gray’s books and then sharing em with the rest of the family…I have shared on facebook and twitter about this wonderful contest…..babyruthmac16ATyahooDOTcom

  48. My favorite Christmas memory would be the usual Christmas Eve get together at our middle daughter’s home when a special surprise crawled out from under their Christmas tree… our oldest daughter & her husband flew in from overseas where they were had been stationed for a couple years without any of us ever being able to see or be with them. I’ll never forget how it touched my heart to hold them in my arms once again.

  49. Goodness, there are so many, so it’s hard to pick just one. Guess one of them would have to be the year when we put up the Christmas tree and afterwards the kids thought it was so marvelous they wanted to sleep under the tree with the lights. So we made little pallets and the 3 of us slept under the tree. It really was magical. Almost like stars had decorated a pine tree and of course the smell was divine. Blessings and thank you for the wonderful contest. Merry Christmas and Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  50. Oh Gosh~~so many entries, I do not think I have a chance;-) So, this must be a very good one, indeed.
    My favorite tradition???? I have collected ornaments for each child every year. And, each year, the children place their own ornaments on the tree. They really look foward to this. And, they look foward to getting a new ornament every year. Then, someday, when they are off on their own, they can take their bin of ornaments with them.
    Blessings and Have a Happy Turkey Day, a joyous Christmas and the Happiest New Year ever!!!!
    Kristin [keithkrisjager{at}aol{dot}com]

  51. I guess as children us three were too busy squabbling and enjoying ourselves in the 1970s and early 80s to realise how little time we would have left with our father and grandparents. This is why I love going to my mother in laws and spending time with them. I pray that my younger children realise how incredibly wonderful their grandparents are. Family just being together is what makes Christmas for me!

  52. favourite tradition was bringing toys to kids at hospital with my mom and aunts, we still do it every year.

    happy holidays everyone , try to remember to do kind deeds for those who are less fortunate this year. god bless

  53. Being with the people I love most is the best gift of all and memory. We do not have a lot and normally don’t exchange gifts all year for anything (except to the children).That way they will always get something on the days that they should… Would love to win this contest…. Thanks ~:)

  54. Mine was not on Christmas Day it was on Dec 26 2006….on Dec 22 my water broke I was 31 weeks pergent I was shipped to Syracuse Ny bc where I live the hospital don’t have a Nicu so I would have 2 stay in the hospital untill my daughter was bron…I was so scared and 2hours from home on Christmas Day I was having a hard time being away from my family (my hubby was with me)..I was crying and in walked my hubby’s mom and dad I was so happy..they where there for a few hours..the next morning at 5 am I went in to lador and at 4:55pm I had a tiny baby girl she was 4 lbs 7 oz and healthy she had to stay in the Nicu for 3weeks but now she is a happy healthy almost 6 year old

  55. Our Christmas traditionis Christmas breakfastat my house. we have the same thing each year –fried chicken , biscuits & gravy . then we exchange gifts!

  56. The one memory of Christmas stands out in my mind, is when my Sister and I found our baby buggies in the closet that we didn’t think we were getting.
    Also we loved playing in the snow.
    I’d love to win these books.

  57. On Christmas eve we gather at the cemetery and light candles and sing Silent Night for family members who are spending Christmas with Christ in Heaven. Its so peaceful and humbling to be there.
    I would love to win almost as much as I love Christmas Eve with family!

  58. My favorite Christmas memory didn’t take place on December 25. The whole family postponed Christmas celebration until February when my brother got home from the US Army, where he had served in Korea. The tree was still sitting in the the living room with all of the gifts under it, and when he arrived we had a full Christmas dinner.
    I will share this on Facebook.

  59. and I shared, via Shelley Shepard Gray, on Facebook!!! I met her last summer in the Amish Country, in Ohio..she’s such a warm and sweet lady, who writes FANTASTIC books!!! Love her and all her books!!!!

  60. My favorite Christmas memory is when the kids were small and the excitment and anticipation that led up to Christmas Day always remembering the reason for the season the birth of Jesus! Every year brings new memories but the main focus has to be to remember the reason we celebrate.

  61. My favorite Christmas morning was when I was 7 and I awoke to the Barbie A-frame Dollhouse. My parents had furnished it top to bottom and I spent the entire day until bedtime playing with that one toy which I kept for my girls who unfortunatly weren’t into Barbies. LOL

  62. My favorite memory holiday memory was /is going to Midnight mass. The peaceful contentment seeing the alter covered with flowers and the flickering candles and the hymns sung in Latin. Perfect.

  63. Our family tradition growing up was visiting both sets of grandparents. And my Mom’s parents always decorated their home exquisitely. An old train and village was under that beautiful Christmas tree to delight the grandchildren all Christmas evening. So miss those days and my wonderful and loving grandparents.
    I would love to win these wonderful books and thank you for the giveaway! Carmee Ross

  64. Our new tradition that we started last year is making lots of pizzelle cookies in many flavors to give to family, friends, and doctors

  65. My dad’s fresh fruit salad. Wish he was still here to make some today. I am thankful for these contests.Would love to win the books.

  66. My all time favorite memory was when I was a little girl and we would go to Gram’s on Christmas Eve and my Dad would go out to the outhouse and change into a santa suit and come around front and surprise all of us, my brothers and my sister and I. We never noticed that he was gone. One time he came to the front window knocked and held up one of those handmade (my grandma made it) sock monkey’s and we all started to scream santa’s here. That was and still is my favorite memory, Christmas and also of my Dad.

  67. When I was little my parents always let us 3 children open one present on christmas eve. It was always funny that the one I chose usually ended up being clothing instead of a toy. But I will always remember those good times when I was little and believed in santa.

  68. my favorite memory was our kids putting cookies for santa and carrots for the raindeers out and then we would have to put little pieces of carrot on the floor leading to the door and then watching our kids faces in the morning when they saw the carrot pieces and through the raindeers came and ate them.

  69. When I was growing up, we had a sweet tradition where all of us kids would not be able to come downstairs until we heard Christmas music. We lined up youngest to oldest. I will never forget coming down those stairs and seeing the tree all lit up with the presents, stockings – and my parents smiling upon us.

  70. the thing I remember most is buying our children a new pair of pajamas each year. They got to open one gift on Christmas Eve & mom & dad got to choose which gift. Well, every year, it was the pajamas! Until they got older, they had no clue they were going to open PJ’s. They were just so excited to get to open a gift.
    And then, on Christmas morning, they always looked so nice in their new pajamas!

  71. My favorite Christmas tradition was the tree my grandparents had with moving ornaments. I looked forward to seeing it every year. There was always something new to look at. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  72. My favorite Christmas memory is when we would all go to Gram’s and Grampa’s on Christmas Eve, my Dad would sneak out and go to the outhouse and change into a santa suit and come around the front of the house and surprise my brother’s and sister and I. One time he came around and knocked on the window and held up one of those handmade(my gram made it) sock monkeys and we all started to scream santas here santas here. It is still my favorite memory of christmas and of my Dad.

  73. When the kids were younger they always tried to find out what was in their presents by shaking them and unwrapping them a little if they could. One year I put numbers on the presents instead of names. Then on Christmas morning I got out the master list of who got which numbers. Another year I switched the names on the presents. Ed got all presents with Wendy’s name, Wendy got all presents with Lynda’s name and Lynda got the ones with Ed’s name. Each year I came up with a different idea.
    Thanks for the GREAT contest!

  74. My favorite tradition is always listening to our daughter read the Christmas story every Christmas morning. She started when she was really young and still does it even though she is a mommy of two little girls!

  75. Our favorite Christmas tradition- each of the kids gets to pick out a new ornament at the store for the tree. Their name and the year is put on it. When they get married and/or move out on their own they will get their ornaments that were collected over the years. They always look forward to this every year even though they are getting older.

  76. One of my very favorite Christmas traditions is baking! Especially now that my mama has passed on, it’s baking her sugar cookies! Homemade dough, rolled out with a rolling pin and cut out with cookies cutters, sprinkled with colored sugar! First bite of that dough is heavenly and makes me feel the Christmas spirit especially when I listen to my Christmas Portrait cd by the Carpenters! My kids think I am loony but that music is Christmas to me, along with baking the cookies I am in my element and totally Christmasy!

  77. My favorite Christmas tradition was Midnight Mass with the whole family then coming home having a light snack and opening our gifts….so many other good memories!!!!!

  78. My favorite tradition when our children were little was that we had birthday cake for Jesus for breakfast on Christmas morning.

    (We had to stop when our daughter was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes when she was 7.)

  79. My favorite Christmas tradition is going to Church on Christmas Eve, then off to be with family to eat and exchange gifts. oh, and did I mention….we look way up in the sky for signs of Santa traveling with his sleigh.

  80. We would go visit family on Christmas Eve day, then as it began to get dark, we would drive around and look at Christmas lights, then go home, eat our snacks we had prepared (we made the same ones each year) and open our Christmas presents. Then to grandma’s on Christmas day for more time and good food with family.

  81. I started a Christmas tradition 2 years ago with my granddaughter who is 5 now. She makes a list & I take her to the Dollar Tree Store to do her Christmas shopping. She now lives in a different state from me & she is looking forward to me coming there for Christmas to do “her Christmas shopping” I’m hoping I can make this a good memory for her.

  82. Each year we make finger foods together to enjoy on Christmas Eve. This started as a result of going to my mom’s house on Christmas Eve and having to wait to eat a full course meal and clean up a huge mess after the meal before the children could even begin to open presents. This works great because everything is lined up in the kitchen. We bless the food, fill our plates, and head to the den where the tree and presents are. We get to enjoy the tree while we eat and then when everyone is finished, we open presents. If someone wants more food, they simply go get more. No cleaning up til the fun part is done. Yes, it is a mess, but there is so much joy and laughter that the mess is worth it. After all of the presents are opened…everyone pitches in to clean up. I am one blessed woman…we have 12 beautiful children, 3 wonderful in-laws, 1 grandson and another grandbaby that will be here in January. Loving God and my family….and your Amish books. Keep them coming!!! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.

  83. Shared on Face Book and tweeted on—- twitter-

    My favorite Christmas Eve story was when I was 5 yrs old. Coming from a large Italian family, we would always celebrate at Nanny’s & Pop-Pop’s. There was about 20 or so kids and double the amount of adults. Our meal was an 8 course meal of course. 🙂 It would take all day to eat and my Nan’s home made macaroni was to die for. When she wasn’t looking us kids would run into the room where it was spread out on a white sheet, grab a hand full & run. She knew what we did but never yelled at us. Her love for all her grand kids was equal, even after her death.I miss those days. Not for the gifts but for being with family. It was like this every holiday and even Sundays most of us were there. You never heard any arguing or fighting between us kids. We all got along. Sometimes my father would be a wise guy and chase me around the kitchen with lobsters,he would let them or the crabs down on the floor. I didn’t realize then they couldn’t get me because their claws were banded shut. I never really knew my father after the age of 5. My parents divorced not long after that. But my grandparents stayed in my life until they passed away 11 yrs ago. R.I.P. Nan & Pop. I do remember the gift I got that year, its the only time/one I do remember. I wanted that big doll that walks with you. I did get one with hair like mine and that is the happiest memory from my childhood Christmas. Thank you for letting me share a very important day with you.

  84. Having all three of our sons, their wives, grandchildren, grand-son-in-law and all three daughter-in-laws parents together for Christmas Eve dinner and knowing that all have Jesus Christ as their Savior. What could be better?

  85. My favorite Christmas memory – having my mom read The Nativity story on Christmas Eves and getting to open one gift that night.

  86. One of my favorite memories is when my husband and I were coming home from my parents house on Christmas Eve. My two sons were in the back seats of our van. They were 5 and 2. A few blocks from where we were driving was a hospital. They have a landing on top of the roof for choppers to land. They also have a tower with a red light that blinks at night. All of a sudden my boys looked out the window and saw the red light blinking. They were so excited because they thought it was Santa coming. We could not get home fast enough. They got in the house hurried up the stairs. They had to get to sleep or Santa would not stop. I never had it so easy to get them to bed. They are now 18 & 21 and we still laugh about the year they thought Santa would beat them home.

  87. One of the things I loved to do was on Christmas Eve our church had a candlight communion service, Each family waited thier turn to go up front with pastor and have comunion as family and have prayer. Sadly we go to a much larger church now and that is no longer offered to us. Funny how the simple things mean so much!!!

  88. I have so many favorites from my childhood up through the last 14 years of being a grammie. But I have to say my favorite memories are watching my girls eyes on Christmas morning when they were little and now its watching my 6 grandkids eyes as they come into grammies. Love my family and love making memories with my family.

  89. One of our family tradition is decorating Christmas sugar cookies, done this since I was kid, know I do this with my kids!!

  90. Making and frosting cut-out sugar cookies is a favorite memory. As we got older our frosting and decorating got very elaborate. I still have all the cookie cutters.

  91. My favorite Christmas memory is of when my friend and I went to have Christmas with my future husband and his friend. We drove over 2 hours with a Charlie Brown Christmas tree in the car. The look on their faces when we brought that into the house and then proceeded to decorate it! Priceless!

  92. We celebrate Christmas with our kids on Christmas eve morning! We started this tradition when our kids were little so we had more time together to enjoy Christmas! On the 25th we have grandparents over for a big breakfast then we visit both grandparents and extended family! Now that our kids are older we still keep this tradition so that our married daughter can also share the day with her husband’s family, too.

  93. This question really had me thinking, and some of the other comments brought some little used memories to mind. I always looked forward to the huge bag of fruit, candy and peanuts that we got as children after the church Christmas program. I was fortunate enough to help prepare those with others as I got closer to confirmation age. They were much larger back in the day; I noticed they’re closer to the size of a lunch bag now. We always made extra for any visiting children in the audience on the night of our play.

  94. What a whopper and one I would dearly love to win, love these books…
    most fav Christmas was in my childhood living in Ky where we always had snow. we had large family and many children but Mom and Daddy always made sure there was Christmas, small gifts and much foods to eat that day. Pies – cake and fruit coctail along with nuts galore. we didnt realize we were poor because we had so much fun together..

  95. Singing in the choir for midnight services is one of my favorite memories…then waking and receiving a costume wedding dress which I treasured and have since passed down to my daughter and now my grandaughter

  96. My Favorite holiday memories are having the kids come home from college and we are all together again at the supper table for laughs, good food and great times!!

  97. My mom even long after we were old enough to know that she was Santa, still had one gift marked from Santa. She explained to us when we started questioning about Santa, that Santa was real and was a person that wanted to give a gift without taking credit for giving it. So many times my mother left presents for people on their doorsteps without telling them it was her. What a blessing she was to them and to her children that saw the love of Christ through their mother’s actions. Have a Merry Christmas.

  98. Christmas Eve 1983. It was 20 below and my mom had planned for all of us to go to the Christmas Eve service that year. Half the cars wouldn’t start but we piled in the cars that would and we got there. It was also my nephew’s first Christmas.

  99. my family always went to our grandparents house on christmas eve it was about 45 minutes away we would have a nice meal and enjoy our family being together. on our way home my dad would see all the lighted santa clauses on peoples houses and say oh no santa is already at this house we better hurry and get home so you kids can get to bed.(their was 5 of us and usually had a hard time getting all of us to sleep)this was the one night we all jumped in bed afraid santa would pass up our house if we were’t asleep. great memories

  100. Well Christmas is my favorite season when we get to celebrate the birth of Jesus and I love going to the Sunday School program to watch all the little children and my grandkids in the Christmas play. Also, 50 years ago this Christmas I surprised my whole family by my mother giving birth to me on Christmas and so every year I feel so blessed to share my birthday with Christ! I love baking cookies with my grandkids, going to see the lights and then going to the frozen tundra and seeing the ice crystal formations on an acreage full of springs.

  101. There were 7 of us kids growing up. I don’t really have one special memory. They were all great. We are all grown now, several with grand children and we all take turns hosting our Christmas get together. This is my year and I can’t wait.

  102. My favorite Christmas memories are from when I was younger. Christmas Eve was always spent with my mom’s side of the family…all the aunts, uncles & cousins gathered at our house. Christmas Day was spent with my dad’s side of the family with grandpa, aunts, uncles & cousins. It was the one time a year when everyone made a point to be together & it was so much fun!!

  103. We have several Christmas traditions but I think our favourite would be piling in the car with popcorn, hot cocoa and Christmas music. We would then head down the bush roads in search of the perfect Christmas tree. To watch the boys faces as we pick it, cut it and drag it to the car is awesome. They help in their own way. Once home we thaw it out and then we all decorate it , with a fire in the fireplace, Christmas music playing and then eat our decorated Christmas cookies!!

  104. Would love to win these books. My favorite memory is baking and cooking the Christmas meal and then our gift exchange at the church and memories of the brown sack with an apple, orange, hard candies and mixed nuts. Those were the days and I sure miss them.

  105. One of our Christmas traditions is to put up our tree every year Thanksgiving night. Everyone is together and we can decorate as a family. We started this when I started doing holidays at my house as my moms place wasn’t large enough. My mom has been gone for a year now so we still do this and always think about her.

  106. My family would always put the children’s homemade ornies on the tree. My brother had colored a paper Santa and cut him out. I always wondered why his Santa had BLACK nose holes. It must have been the coal dust from the chimney when he went up and down it. Happy Holidays!!!!

  107. Going to the woods on a snowy day looking for the perfect tree was always so special when my sister and I were little. Then sharing that special time with my children and now grandchildren brings back so many happy memories.

  108. when i was first married, we had very little, my mother gave me some Christmas decorations, and one was a ANGEL tree topper, that belonged to my grandmother. many years later and a divorce and remarriage, and the loss of my mother in 1981. From that day on every year when the tree is put up the first thing goes on the tree is my ANGEL, if nothing else ever gets put on the tree ( i work retail and long hours) having that ANGEL on the tree reminds me of FAMILY and my MOM and GRANDMOTHER, and it makes me smile and brings back many happy memories, I lost my DAD in Oct.2010, and now I can add the NATIVITY that also belonged to my grandmother too, so memories are even more meaningful now….. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE, ENJOY FAMILY, FRIENDS AND MEMORIES!

  109. My favorite memory is of all the family came home to celebrate. I am from a family of 8 children. Married brothers and sisters brought their children and a dish to help out the meal.

  110. My most memorable Christmases are the ones where we had very little money or gifts but lots of love and memories with family.

  111. After our feast of a dinner. we gather in the living room. Grandmother would gather us around and read the Christmas story and tell us the true meaning of Christmas. That each of us need to give God the greatest gift ever and thats ourself and always do good others and never go to bed without thanking God for the day He has given you good or bad and pray for His guidance for the next day,

  112. First of all, love your books! I think one of my favorite Christmas memories happened when I was 9. My parents were gone which left my brother in charge. He is 6 years older than me, my sister 3 years older. They devised a plan to make me keep believing in Santa. He climbed upon the house roof, scraping, clawing, & ho, ho, hoing. Just as my parents pulled in the drive, he fell of the roof into a snow drift. Thankfully he wasn’t hurt. I told him I knew it was him all along, but he assured me he was only on the roof to make sure the chimney was clear for Santa. Long story short I kept believing for awhile longer.

  113. My mom started a tradition when she had her children and I kept with the tradition and now my daughter is following it too. On Christmas Eve every child seems to want to open just one present. So on Christmas Eve just before bedtime everyone got a present. We were so excited it was a NEW night gown for the girls and pajamas for the boys. What a wonderful feeling to wake up Christmas morning in New pj’s.

  114. My most memorable christmas would be, spending this last year with my father in law, he had found out that he had cancer and that we would not spend another christmas with him again, only in our hearts. I curled up with a book, about an amish christmas and seen how they celebrated, and knew i was going to miss this kind of gathering. Growing up, I loved the homemade special gifts we would recieve, and how much they ment from those giving. This year will be hard but know that he is with us in our hearts and we will be ok. We will see him in heaven. Knowing the amish believe how they do and such has really opened my eyes to God more. When will our world, government ever come back to what we should have never lost, our freedom and our hopes and prayers. so many memories, so many losses.

  115. My favorite thing to do is making a Happy Birthday Jesus cake on Christmas Eve with my granddaughter, we do it every year

  116. One thing that we do is let the kids sleep in front of the lighted christmas tree on Christmas eve. We had to be real quite to put the presents under it .

  117. I will always remember my brothers & I hanging 1 of our father’s socks {the very best kind of Christmas stocking ever!} and in the morning we would see the bulges from an apple; an orange; and nuts plus a candy cane hanging out the top! I was 12 years old!

  118. When my 2 oldest boys were young we used to go “all out” with helping them believe in Santa, reigndeer food outside, cookies and milk by the fire place, alittle cotton and soot left around the fireplace in the morning, a taped message from Santa on their tape recorder…. and it was fun to see their reaction. But the first Christmas we had when they knew we bought them all their gifts was amazing, they came to us and thanked us with hugs for every single thing they got, that was even more special!!

  119. My most memorable Christmas is when I was 12 weeks pregnant with my son (first grandchild on both sides of the family) and we wrapped booties up for both of our parents. The look of their faces were priceless!

  120. My favorite memory is the year my dad made a wooden doll cradle for me and one for my sister.My Grandmother quilted litte doll quilts for the cradles and the dolls were beautiful with eyes that would shut and open. Sharing the cradle with my youngest niece on her second birthday was even more special.

  121. The almost fairytale memory I have is just around the age I was questioning where there was or wasn’t a Santa, I got up late on Christmas Eve to visit the bathroom and saw my Mom putting gifts out. It was an almost surreal moment which left me happy yet not disappointed that there wasn’t a real Santa. It was also a time I really appreciated all that my Mom did for us. There were three of us a year apart. Our father passed away not long after my youngest brother was born. Mom managed to do it all. Thank you, Mom.

  122. I guess my favorite Christmas memory would be the year that my grandfather got us all roller skates, we were so excite to get them. You know that kind that you used outside and had to have a key to make them fit. I couldnt wait for it to get warm enough to go outside to use to use them!!! Thank you once again for another chance to win some of your books……love reading them!!! Patti Abresch

  123. Every year my sister and I had to wait in our room until our grandparents got to our house. That way both sets of adults could share in our excitement when we saw the tree and gifts for the first time on Christmas morning. Years later, my husband and I wouldn’t let our boys see the tree until my mom got here. Hubby hangs a sheet over the opening to the living room. Even as teens the boys begged us to keep the tradition going. There are cup hooks embedded over the opening still.

  124. My favorite memory was when I was about 4 or 5 we lived in a three family house, we had the middle, my aunt, uncle, cousins had the top and my grandparents had the bottom apartment. “Santa” would come and ring a bell sometime around midnight Christmas eve and we would all jump out of bed, run down the stairs and go to my grandparent’s apartment where all the gifts were piled high for all three families. We then opened all those gifts and some how went back to bed after all that excitement. I don’t remember, but I assume that left some sleep in time in the mornings for our parents. Even years later then we all had our own homes, everyone came to our house for a couple of days and shared Christmas together. We lived up a steep hill and every year it snowed and cars had to be left at the bottom of the hill and gifts all carried up. I don’t remember it being anything but fun to cart all those gifts up the snowy hill in the freezing cold. Another memory was every year I promised myself I would not eat until I was sick, but every year when I would say I was stuffed my grandfather would have me jump up and down, tell me the food had settled and that I had more room – and every year I would end up in sick to my stomach from too much food!! Christmas is fun with a large Italian family, which is now getting even larger with children and grandchildren…

  125. As a child growing up, I thought Christmas was all about the gifts. Now…I just love getting together will all my children and grandchildren. I’m so thankful for the memories I have of my grandparents and parents. Never understood why my mother would always say that she didn’t need any presents. Now I know… I don’t want the gifts, I just want the family together and happy.

  126. My four children always wanted the same breakfast on Christmas morning – Breakfast Casserole, Bacon, Grits, and Bakery-styloe Blueberry muffins. After checking out their stockings, we ate breakfast and then spent all morning opening gifts. Now that they are grown, they still want the same routine!

  127. My favorite family tradition is sitting around the christmas tree as we tell each other what we are thankful for then reading the bible

  128. One of my favorite Christmas memories is having one of the children read the real Christmas story from Luke 2 in the Bible before we open gifts….a reminder of Who the TRUE gift was!

  129. In 1995, as gifts for ladies in a Sunday School class I was teaching, I began making angels. So far, I have made a different style every year since then and give them to friends and family. I have made up to 100 in one year. I have pictures of all of them at lotsofangelsblogspotcom

  130. My favorite part of Christmas growing up was we always went to one of my Aunts. My Aunts had big families and I had so many to play with for all day. We went early and stayed pretty late in the afternoon. Even then I didn’t want to go home..

  131. I think the best memory I have is on Christmas Eve my parents and I walked to my sister’s house. When it came time to come home it had begun snowing and everything was very quiet due to the time and the hush the snow made. With the streetlights glowing it was as if the song Silent Night had appeared before our eyes.

  132. Oh the memories. I remember that special feeling I felt whenever i thought about Christmas or Santa Claus. I remember amazing smells coming from the kitchen and staying up really late to help my Grandmother Christmas bake cookies. Decorating the Tree with family and friends while stringing popcorn and drinking hot cocoa. I remember laying on my stomach on the floor, head in hands, looking up at our Christmas Tree like it was the most beautiful thing in the whole world, the sparkle of the lights was so magical. Singing in the choir at Christmas Eve mass was another touching Christmas memory. The mass was always so uplifting, it always gave you that Christmas feeling and made you realize what Christmas is really all about. When the church bells rang at midnight the happy, glowing look on everybody’s faces is a memory I’ll always cherish.

  133. 32 years ago I lost my oldest son at age 15. The first Christmas without him was terrible for me and my other two children. I wrote a poem about putting red bows around a tree in our yard in his memory. This has been done every year since that time. He and others we have shared with never forget. I put my bow up this week although I am living in a retirement apartment now. Three other ladies here have lost children also. This is for all of us. Our family gets together and share a project each year to help someone in need each year. One year we chopped and stacked wood for an elderly couple enough to last them through the winter. They were both gone the next year.

  134. For the past 7 years our church has been having the Christmas Eve service in a barn. We read Luke 2, sing some Christmas songs acappella, share testimonies and fellowship with cookies and hot chocolate. It is just a very unique experience thinking that the first Christmas occurred in similar conditions; a shelter with hay and animals. We are in Ohio so some years it has been about zero dregrees and other years it has been in the 50’s but we always have a blessed and special time.

  135. One tradition that we have is a small gift for each one by their plate which we open before our Christmas dinner. After dinner we open the rest of our gifts. We take time to be thankful for God’s blessings and always share gifts with a needy family in our community through a local service club.

  136. My favorite Christmas memory was when I was still living at home with my mom. Christmas morning I woke up and heard what I thought was the bathtub water running. Well needless to say No one was taking a bath at 6am on Christmas morning. The floor was soaked and our hot water heater was busted. So we spent the morning cleaning up the mess. Opened presents after cleaning up the mess. Then we all slept for a few hours after opening presents. That was almost 30 years ago.

  137. My favorite Christmas memory is the year we 3 sisters got bicycles. I didn’t know it then but my Dad & Mom had to “tighten their belts” so to speak to make our dreams come true.

  138. So many wonderful Christmas memories – but one of my favorites would be all the times that I helped my grandmother bake for the holidays and then filling all the Christmas tins with the cookies and pastries and writing the name of each family on the tins to give out.

  139. My most memorable Christmas was the year our finances were a little rocky. My girls were 6 and 10. I delivered Merchandiser newspapers on foot for months so I could help with buying Christmas gifts. My husband and I didn’t have a lot to give but the looks on the girls faces when they opened their gifts made us feel it had all been worth the struggle.They were grateful for what was provided. My girls are grown with families of their own and we have had many Christmases since, but that year I worried we wouldn’t have enough to give was the year we received the most in blessings.

  140. I guess my favorite Christmas memorie or family tradition was going to midnight church with my mom. I would love to win this contest!!

  141. My favorite Christmas memory is Christmas 2009.It was my Grandfather’s last Christmas with us,and we all had a feeling it was.We had a great time with him sitting at the table talking and sharing memories.He had his picture taken with my children with the biggest smile.He told me it was his last Christmas,and I told him I knew it was too.I made sure it was a very special day for him.

  142. SO many! I love the tradition my mom started when my nieces were quite young. Anyone who was a descendant and under 18 years old could participate. It was a scripture memory contest. The kids worked on their memory verses all year long and then, on Christmas Day (or Eve, depending on when we gathered), they would recite ALL their verses at one sitting (with reference information!) They received a $1.00 for each verse and extra for special passages (the Beatitudes, the Ten Commandments, The Christmas story, the 23rd Psalm.) They not only earned some serious money, but my mom helped these kids learn to hide His word in their hearts forever. This year, my 4-year old will give it a shot – and so the legacy continues….

  143. My greatest memory at Christmas is when my father and I would go walk through the snow into the woods to find our perfect Christmas tree for our family. He would let me pick out which tree it would be and sometime’s my picks were not that pretty. He would then chop it down and we would drag it back home. That was a very special memory with my dad.

  144. When I was a child, my dad worked until 2 a.m. When he’d get home, he would put on a Christmas record and play it really loud until it woke all of us children, and our mom, up. We’d get right to work opening presents and then playing with them. Poor mom! She had worked until after midnight getting everything prepared for dinner. She was very tired. Soon, my dad would sneak off to bed, leaving sleepy mom up with very excited children. Happened ever year 🙂

  145. I am a hugh fan of Shelly Shepard Grey and would love to win these books. I have shared and commented on Face Book. My favorite memories of Christmas is waking early and opening my gifts with my family as a child. Afterward leaving for my grandparents farm and a traditional Christmas dinner. Later years making a joyful noise to the Lord in my church choir as we praised him with our Christmas Cantata.

  146. My favorite Christmas memories were when my older sister would take me to midnight mass (which I always fell asleep) and when we got home, Santa already was there.

  147. I have many fond memories of Christmas’s spent at my grandmother’s house with lots of cousins and aunts and uncles. Most of these people have passed on by now, but the memories will never leave.

  148. A rather unique Christmas experience took place back in the ’60s, while in jr. high. While visiting an uncle in center city Philadelphia on Christmas Eve, it snowed so much all ground transportation was halted. No buses, trolleys or trains. Standing on a street corner with my mom near city hall that evening was eerie. No, my mom wasn’t eerie. It was just so unusual to be standing there with hardly another person in sight, just the snow falling, blanketing the ground. We hiked a few miles to another relative’s home and spent the night there. We managed to get home the next day.

  149. My favorite Christmas memories are all of us opening gifts first thing in the morning and watching The Christmas Story. We watch The Christmas Story every year on Christmas day.

  150. when we bought the house we are living in, my husband decided to get a fake christmas tree, since the house is small inside, he decided to plant the fake tree in the front yard. People would stop at different times of the year and comment how that tree can grow here in Florida. They didn’t realize that it was a fake tree, about 3 years after planting that first tree, he started to actually decorate it for Christmas, all our fake trees are gone now, due to tropical storm Debbie, but a friend gave us her tree before she moved, so this year, we will have a new fake tree planted in the front yard and it will be decorated with lights and all our other saved decorations made for outside use.
    I would really like to win these books, I just love all Amish books.

  151. As a child, we were as poor as barn rats, but a few days before Christmas my hard working momma would load up my little brother, me and a Axe and up the dirt road we would go, driving slowly, our tired mom would ask us to pick out a little pine tree along the ole country road and when we found it, we would clap our hands, mommy would cut it down, put the most beautiful ( to us) ,tree in the trunk of the old car and we would sing CHRISTmas carols all the way home! We felt so loved!!

  152. Some of my favorite Christmas memories bring me back to my Italian Grandmother’s kitchen. She was hands down the best cook I have ever known. Amazing, creative and big hearted woman. I remember the time we sat in the kitchen on Christmas Eve and she showed me some of the list of things on the menu for the next day. I asked her where her recipes were and she held her hand over her heart. Grandma cooked from her heart. Always.

  153. My dad telling us the story of when he was in the army and it was Christmas Eve and he was alone on duty in Italy. Young and scared -that is the story he would tell. Now that he is gone we still tell the story every year.

  154. I really don’t have any family traditions for Christmas except every year we go to Illinois where our families are to celebrate Christmas with them. My husband and I have been married for over 30 years and we have only missed two Christmas’s. My husband is retired Navy so we have lived in Virginia all those years but we have made a point on going home to visit family.

    1. Shaun are you over in Norfolk area or over by Navel Weapons Station side nosy wonders. I have been here since July of 68 ala US Army and Ft Eustis. Have a safe trip to Illinois have Sis in law there too. God bless

  155. For the last couple of years my husband has been “santa” at church. He has been dressing up and handing out the gifts for the children in our church. Our granddaughter climbed in his lap last year (at 1) and looked at his beard (which is red) and said as loud as a 1 year old can: papa. It was funny, because all of the other babies who normaly go to him would not that day. Even though he was dressed in the red costume, Jayden still went to her papa and sat in his lap. We had previously taken her to the mall and she would not go near the “santa” with the white beard.

  156. My favorite memories are decorating the Christmas tree each year with my daughter, baking cookies and reading The Night Before Christmas to her on Christmas Eve.

  157. My favorite Christmas memory is of us three kids going out in the woods and picking out and cutting down the Christmas tree. In my mind I always see tis bigg fluffy tree with lots of branches, our pictures show something different. Doesn’t going with dad is what made it special.

  158. My favorite memory is coming home after church services and having the kids read the Christmas story from Luke in the Bible and then reading was the Night Before Christmas. Then they would leave cookies,and eggnog for Santa and a carrot or an apple for Rudolph.

  159. The year that my younger brother and I found all our “Santa gifts” while our parents weren’t home. Not a happy day. I will share on FB.

  160. One of my favorite memory would be Christmas 2008….we brought my son home from the Chrildren’s hospital healthy after a long and stressful month of him fighting for his health. His homecoming and first Christmas is and always be our gift from God!

  161. One of the things I love to do during the Christmas Season is to gather Christmas themed novels and snuggle up and read.
    I do have the free Kindle Edition of A Christmas with Katie, but would love to own a hard copy and the other one you are giving away.
    So, please consider this my entry.

  162. the year my middle daughter ate all her stocking candy and would not open a single gift…just kept eating goodies and would occasioanally stop and run across room with new doll stroller and li’l sister doll in it….then back to goodies… funny! older daughter was excitedly ripping through all her gifts and wanted more when done…so we let her open her sister’s for her since she wasn’t interested! so cute!

    1. You are welcome. I have memory problems, just diagnosed with MS also. But it’s weird the things I can remember and the one’s I can’t. Especially where my kids are concerned. It stinks. Do we need to do anything to claim our prize? I forgot, sorry. Thank you again Hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving.. Christine

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