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What the Bishop Saw: Review by Susan Scott Ferrell


What the Bishop Saw – TBR-Pile-Worthy

I was so stoked to see a new release from Vannetta Chapman. What the Bishop Saw is such a captivating title! But would the novel measure up? Oh, yes! It’s a page-turner – go ahead and rest up before starting this one because many sleepless nights are ahead!

What the Bishop Saw follows Bishop Henry Lapp. After an injury in his childhood, he developed a unique condition. He can draw, to unbelievable precision, what his subconscious sees. It’s not anything he asked for, or really wants, but this gift may prove useful as his community faces off with a murderer and an arsonist. How many lives will be affected? Investigators must rely on what the bishop saw.

I was given What the Bishop Saw in exchange for my honest review. It was tremendous and thought-provoking. Vannetta Chapman did an amazing job of giving the characters depth and charm. Bishop Lapp is winsome and I found myself wishing I knew him in real life! A definite win for Chapman – add another to your TBR pile!

Susan Ferrell and her husband make their home in the Atlanta Metro area. Although Susan struggles with chronic migraine headaches, she stays very busy as a stay-at-home mom to one very precocious little girl. While catching her breath, she feeds her Amishaholic tendencies by reading vast amounts of Amish literature!

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