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Amish Secrets Revealed by Beth Wiseman

Beth Wiseman has a new book releasing called LOVE BEARS ALL THINGS (An Amish Secrets Novel). Today she is stopping by and sharing myth-busting facts/secrets about the Amish. Join us tomorrow when a deleted scene from HER BROTHER’S KEEPER will be “revealed” exclusively on Destination Amish!

Five Secrets or little known facts about the Amish:

1. The driver of an Amish buggy can be pulled over by police for driving intoxicated.

2. 80-90% of Amish children choose to stay in their church community following their rumschpringe (running around period).

3. Due to high birthrates, the Amish population doubles in size every twenty years.

4. While the Amish don’t like to pose for pictures, most of them aren’t opposed to being captured on film in their natural surroundings.

5. Many Amish families would be considered wealthy by ‘Englisch’ standards. Most are living in houses that have been occupied by generations, thus no mortgage. They don’t buy cars, and they are self-sufficient, raising their own cattle and farming their land. They make their own clothes, soaps, and other personal items.

Amish Secrets Revealed by Beth WisemanCould God be offering Charlotte a second chance at true love?

Charlotte Dolinsky needs time to recover after breaking up with her boyfriend, Ryan. But when a surprise visitor shows up on her doorstep in Texas, she’s forced to put aside her own worries to help her Amish friends in Lancaster County. Soon she is entangled in a web of deception—and this time, she isn’t the only one keeping secrets.

Daniel Byler struggles each day in his Amish community to heal from his fiancée’s betrayal. When he discovers that a member of his family is in danger of being shunned, his pain turns to fear. His only way to help is by partnering with Charlo­tte, a woman he barely knows who has already deceived them all before.

Charlotte begins building a friendship with Daniel that she’ll need to lean on when more surprises surface from her past and she once again finds herself torn between two worlds. Will Charlotte’s friends in the Amish community be able to show her the power of redemption and lead her home? And can she help young Jacob realize that God offers second chances at happiness when she isn’t even sure herself?

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