Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium


This past Sunday we spent a WONDERFUL day at the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium. It was our first time visiting the zoo and we were thrilled that we went! It was neat to ride an elevator up the entrance, which was more than perfect for me and my flip-flop loving self.  We were able to visit with every animal except for one very important new addition: the baby elephant. I think everyone at the zoo wanted to see her because she is ADORABLE and the line was super long! (Click HERE to view pics of the little one)

My favorite exhibits were the Gorilla who was having his lunch (broccoli!) and the Siamangs at The Islands. Those guys had me laughing SO hard with their extremely loud and quite lyrical screeching. Loud enough that even as we were making our way to the world’s largest rodent, the Capybara, we could still hear them!

The Aquarium was fabulous and walking through it was a delightful reprieve from the scorching heat. I just love it when stingrays press against the glass and you see their “faces!” My son was really excited to walk beneath the polar bear exhibit where the walls are glass, giving visibility of the bear splashing around. The penguins were also a hit putting on quite the show themselves, swimming along the enclosure close to their admirers.

Photos taken at the zoo! (Click to enlarge)

At the end of the day, I must say Pittsburgh Zoo is now a family favorite among ours – hands down. Also, if you have youngsters, the play area was phenomenal. Definitely a spot for parents to take a second and catch their breath! If you want to plan your own trip, visit: http://pittsburghzoo.org/ for additional information.

Do you enjoy the zoo? Have a favorite animal? Like a place in particular? Let me know in the comment section. I’d love to hear from you!

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We were given complimentary tickets from Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium. All opinions are solely our own.

The Heart’s Journey: Stitches in Time Series Book Two By Barbara Cameron

The Heart’s Journey by Barbara Cameron is the second book in the Stitches in Time series. Naomi is to be married and should be elated but she is filled with dread. John her fiancé has turned into quite the control freak. He is constantly checking up in her and has even forcefully grabbed her arm during an argument. Naomi is at a breaking point unsure if she should marry John. On a whim she decides to accompany her grandmother to Pinecraft, Florida. This news does not sit well with John especially when he finds out that Nick, their English driver, will be taking them to Florida. Naomi believes this trip will give her chance to clear her mind and reevaluate her relationship with John. During the long trip, Nick and Naomi begin to realize that their friendship may be more than they are willing to admit. Where will Naomi’s heart lead her and will she listen……

You are pulled right into the story from page one and your fingers will be crossed hoping Naomi will make the right decision. I like how this book deals with real issues that can happen to anyone. Barbara does a great job making the reader feel connected to Naomi and you feel how hard she is struggling with her decision to marry John. She often makes excuses for him in hopes that he will change. Nine times out of ten they don’t. Simply put John is a big bully who will really get under your skin! Pinecraft is on my lists of “places I want to go” so I was delighted that a majority of the book takes place there. I really would love to open my door and pick an orange for breakfast! Overall this book is a great read that deals with a heavy subject matter but doesn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed with the topic. The Heart’s Journey is filled with wonderful characters, romance and a compelling storyline…..what’s not to like?

This book was provided to me from Abingdon Press via NetGalley for review.



A Season for Tending Five Book Giveaway

Well the time has come. The Five book giveaway of A Season for Tending by Cindy Woodsmall is here! WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group  is graciously hosting this fantastic giveaway. How great is that? Five Books – Five Winners! You will be enthralled with the story and will not be able to put it down. Have a look at my spoiler free review: http://destinationamish.com/a-season-for-tending-by-cindy-woodsmall/

I wish you all good luck!

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